Sunday, December 29, 2013

The wonderful Christmas Octave

The Christmas spirit is not only in the air but it is in the hearts and minds of the people. These days of Christmas octave there are a lot of programs and functions organized to rejoice with the Lord who is born for us. I am now in Bombay in the provincial curia. I was at home but after the wedding and stuff i decided to come to the friary and make some visits to Benefactors and well wishers, It was a good decision.
On 28th evening I joined the parish in celebrating the family get together, It was a joy to see the parishioners whom i served for 3 years as parish priest. a young man who inspired by the vision mission statement of the parish which i had composed was inspired by the statement. He composed one song on the theme and sang to the full house who appreciated by giving him a standing ovation.
Yesterday I visited another parish of ours in uptown. I was invited for the first holy communion of one of my friends child, The friars joined me in celebrating the Eucharist. I combined both the Holy Family and the first holy communion celebration. It was a grand feast with music and brass band accompanied.
I did make some visits to our benefactors and well wishers. Last few days before i fly out to Rome on 1st night to reach rome on 2nd morning.
Happy New New year

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