Friday, November 30, 2018

Advent: Waiting for the Lord

Next week we begin the season of Advent and we will sing and listen to the scripture texts which prepares us for the Christmas. We all speak about Advent, talk about it, but many a times without knowing its meaning. It may be because we are very familiar with the word, or because we celebrate every year...we fail to understand the rich meaning and significance of Advent. It means “coming”. So we ask ourselves: who is that is coming, where and when is he coming....for whom and what purpose is he coming.....we know the answer that Jesus is coming ...he is coming for all...coming for sinners and saints alike....born as poor man though he was rich....son of God became man for you and me...Precisely for this we have the time of Advent, so that we can penetrate this essential truth of Christianity every year again.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Not Happy Holidays But Happy Christmas

I was going through the FB post and came across this post said that Not happy Holidays but wish Happy Christmas,,,,i was very happy to read the post and thanked the friend who wrote it....because of late i have been receiving Christmas greetings as Happy Holiday greetings and i never liked and appreciated it......I know as Christians we strongly believe that we celebrate the birth of our Redeemer and saviour.....who came down to save us,,,,,why not we boldly celebrate and say happy Christmas....happy birthday Lord Jesus...the modern man for his own convienience has been changing things without much reflection....i do agree that Christmas is a time of holidays and we want those holidays....but to forget Jesus during this season is something let us wish each happy Christmas

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Christmas is at Hand and the Faithful are already in Mood......

At the beginning of the Advent season, Pope Francis invited us to "get on the road", for which he proposed 3 attitudes. "It is a time to walk and go to meet the Lord, that is, a time not to stand," he explained. But, "what are the attitudes I must have to find the Lord? How should I prepare my heart to find the Lord? " "In the prayer at the beginning of the Mass, the liturgy indicates 3 attitudes: vigilantes in prayer, workers in charity and exultants in blessing. That is to say, I must pray, with vigilance; I must be a worker in charity - fraternal charity: not only give alms, no; also tolerate people who bother me, tolerate children at home when they make too much noise, or the husband or wife when they are in difficulty, or the mother-in-law. ""Tolerate, always with charity but active", and also "the joy of blessing the Lord". "So we must live this way, this will to find the Lord," he said.
"The Lord always goes further, He goes first. We take a step and He gives ten. Forever. The abundance of his grace, of his love, of his tenderness that never tires of looking for us. Also sometimes with small things, "he added. In short, God "is not looking for us, he is waiting for us, and he only asks us for the small step of good will". However, the Christian must have "the desire to find him" and then He "helps" us. Thus, "he will accompany us during our life", he assured.