Wednesday, August 15, 2018

India celebrates Independence Day and Floods in Kerala

 For almost one week it has been raining....floods in many places in Kerala have devastated normal far about 40 persons have died....normal life is thrown out of gear...politicians and army is trying their best to offer support and comfort to the affected people....Many citizens have come forward to help the flood affected people....many have started donating for re-building God's own land that is Kerala

Feast of Assumption of BVM - Eucharist celebrated by General Minister

After the announcement, Maria left for the mountain of Judea to visit Elisabetta. Full of the Holy Spirit, Elizabeth has blessed her. He proclaimed her "Mother of my Lord". Source of joy. Living bliss of faith. Mary replied with the canticle of the Magnificat. Inspired words, which let us glimpse his heart. They are his "spiritual testament" for us. Identifying himself with Mary, the Church of all time continues to sing the Magnificat every day as its own song.
Today we celebrate the mystery of the Assumption. At the end of its passage on earth, the Mother of the Redeemer, preserved from sin and corruption, was elevated in glory in body and soul near her Son, in heaven. The empty tomb of Mary, image of Jesus' empty tomb, signifies and preludes to the total victory of the God of life over death, when at the end of the world the bodily death of each of us united with that of Christ will arise in eternal life. The Apocalypse shows us "a great sign of heaven": the woman who has the sun by mantle, and a crown of stars. Invincible with the grace of God in front of the primal enemy. "Figure and first fruits of the Church".