Thursday, May 28, 2020

Getting ready for the Monsoon at La Verna

Lockdown and few students are here at La Verna...we do a lot of manual work devoting one hour in the morning and one in the evening...keeping is fit like is very hot....after 9am the temperatures here go up to 40 we start early and wind up early....we have some land on which we cultivate vegetables and some fruit trees are planted....

Close to our Formation house a place called Koregaon park where a builder is constructing a housing colony and excavation is going on and good soil is brought to our campus is good for cultivation

Brothers are levelling the soil and preparing for Monsoon

Preached a retreat the novices of Carmelite sisters of Trivendrum

Life is a great Teacher......Be Humble to Learn......

We know and experience in our life that anything good or valuable and useful is not easily accepted by people initially. People talk about it negatively and criticize and then make a wrong propoganda about it. They try to stop the positive influence of that truth and goodness on the people for their benefits. They reject totally but later the truth will always shine like the diamond which will shine anywhere. Let us be like people who accept anything that builds up and not breaks and divides us due to selfish interests of few persons.

God has granted us only one life to be spent and lived for others and ourselves. Life is not meant to be wasted for no reason. We ought to see the beauty in life and move forward see the goodness and beauty all around us. The diamond has value and is accepted and loved because it goes through pain and hardship to be an object of admiration. We have a chance to be a diamond so that others will take and receive us for our face value. 

Life is like a Sun rays, they dispel the darkness and bring about brightness and shining all around us. Human life is given to us so that we may instill and infuse in others the rays of hope and confidence in others so that so much bad can be dispeled and destroyed. Let us shining and life changing rays……

To be happy and contended in life you don’t need money, wealth, friends, vacations, Big house, expensive cars and big connections, you need to be basically happy because happiness is inside business. The biggest need in life is that we are happy inside….the material things cannot make us happy forever. 

Life teaches us every beautiful and immemorable lessons which we cannot forget till we are alive on the face of the earth. These days people who are affected by Corona virus are experiencing hunger and thirst it teaches a lessons which is strong. They have no money, again teaches a lesson of being nothing, broken hearts and minds, rejection and dejectio by loved ones and civil authority can teach many things in life, when people don’t value who you are, people just ignore you because you are poor, you have no name and face because you don’t belong to the most rich and famous,,,,,,no university and college degrees can teach you these lessons which our present situation can…..

There are people who are wise but very simple and humble who make a deep impact on the lives of the others. They don’t show any signs of pride and self-righteousness at all. They are the best examples for imitation for anyone who would life to be wise. When a wise person becomes pride and boasts about the wisdom and knowledge that he has, both turn into poison that destorys everything in society. Let us be wise but at the time be humble, because it becomes sweetness which brings about reform and change.