Monday, November 30, 2020

Learn from Mistakes!!!!!!!!!!!

 LEARN from our own and others mistakes which normally we ignore and don't bother about it though it does affect us consciously and unconsciously. There have been people who never came up in life or just gave up the race in the middle because they ignored the warnings of mistakes which would have been a great help to achieve spiritual and emotional goals. Those who take their mistakes seriously, reflect and evaluavate them, they learn amazing lessons which transforms their lives. These lessons learned make them to look forward to a new life and mission, hope and joy-filled life which even inspires others who are in the same boat. 

When we make mistakes and do not acknowledge them it brings down our efficiency down in all the spheres of human life. Once we have defeated ourselves then we begin to compare ourselves with others and start thinking very  small as a results small doors of success, peace, joy and happiness open in spite of having all the necessary strength and energy. The effect of getting small things in life brings in a lot negative element in life which destroys everything gradually. Thinking big. achieving great heights and success gets earesed from our hard disk. The result of not thinking big we end up receiving small things which do not satisfy our thursts and hunger as a human being. 

There are some of us who just do day dreaming and run after things for which they have no calibre, or cut out for, they expect expect fantastic things and evens to happen in life for which they have neither have talents or cut out for, they end up in failures and self-pity. Things which we cannot afford should not not sought after because at the end there will be only dissatisfaction. We try to tread or walk on a path which you are not going to walk or we do not know the way, we end up landed in a foreign land. Some things and moments in life we cannot achieve that does not mean we cannot get there, if we put in hard work and efforts, yes success we will tasted by us. so Dream the dreams which we can easily with work and confidence can achieve. We will fall several times but learn to rise up and get up to walk....then we would know the difference between failure and success. 

In life we receive many blessings from our elders, these wisdom comes handy when we things in life don't go well, when there turns and twists in life, apply these wisdom of the elders and see the results. The wisdom of the elders is always useful and significant in our growth. If we just throw up our hands in the air and give up when failures knock our doors then we would never taste the success, remember the saying of the eleders...if we don't read and know about things we don't know how would we enrich ourselves....we got to dive into the water then we learn to swim. So think a lot and then feel that it is possible to fly or soar into the sky. Our limits are not within our house boundary but limits are beyond the horizon. Let us not think like the frogs but think like an eagle which accepts the sky as its horizon to explore. 

Friday, November 27, 2020

Beware, Watchful and Vigilant!!!!!!!!!!!

Most of us take our sinful life for granted or we don’t care. It is because sin does not sin anymore, people don’t explain to us the meaning and effects of sin. Some of our actions have become very normal or they are just performed without any feeling and emotion. We need to be on guard and beware of some of the actions, words, behaviors, and deeds. These behaviors and actions can seriously cause a lot of damage to our emotional and spiritual life. There are certain behaviors in our society like drinking, anxiety which are taken lightly and we do them or go through it without any kind of commitment. These behaviors sometimes bring in a lot of negativity and they are not supported in our relationships with others. Sometimes these behaviors dry up our spiritual and prayer life, thus making us people who are not connected with spiritual reality. The consequences of our negative actions and behaviors are felt by us and have a negative impact on others too. We must be careful and grow in our faith, prayer, and spiritual life.  

Not being careful, watchful, and vigilant, we experience many negative forces and energies working within us and we are not able to achieve the goals and missions we would like to accomplish. The encounters which we ought to have with ourselves, others, and God, are not happening due to a lack of spiritual energy which gets drained out due to negative force’s operative within us. Any relationship needs carefulness, watchfulness, and vigilance in order to grow and to deepen. To grow in our interior and spiritual life, we have to work on some of the behaviors which could work against and bring us to a state of hopelessness and feeling of uselessness. The busy life of ours can make us ignore this negative signal of our behavior and it gets aggravated if there is not sufficient communion with God. We give up easily our spiritual and prayer life because interior life is dry and does not really give us a sense of purpose.

When we are not watchful, vigilant and beware many aspects of our spiritual and human lives lose shine and chin, force and energy, less focussed and slowed down, many things, taste likes, habits lose glean and shine. We need to remind ourselves to examine these aspects in order to revitalize and revive our lives for a better future. If not then we will be overburdened and weighed with many negative forces like overindulgences in passing and temporal things of the world, pleasure, money, wealth, using money and power, authority in a wrong and foolish way. When we are not watchful, vigilant and beware, our enthusiasm for life, fall into monotony in performing things, lose interest and vitality, sense of morality so we begin to fall into negative behaviors, get drained out of our spiritual energy and vigor and then slowly we begin to experience life worthless.

Let this Advent to be a time to regain our lost vigor and spirit, fervor and zeal, time to renew our relationship with God, others, and ourselves. It is a time to challenge ourselves to walk with Jesus who walked with us on the earth, time to open our hearts, minds, and souls to the word of God with zest and interest. Let Jesus fill us with His spirit and passion to live our lives worthily, spending lives for others and for Him alone.