Monday, March 31, 2014

The General Council meeting begins today

This morning at 9 am we began our council meeting with a prayer led by me. The presence of Brothers Antonio and Albert from the office of Procura as experts on canonical and constitutional issues. Br. Umberto was present as a noting secretary in place of Br. Massimo who is ill. The council took up the cases which were many for dispensation, exclaustration and passing over to the diocese. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Delegation of Arunachal Pradesh

The Mission of Arunachal Pradesh, India was raised as a delegation last year and ever since then the Friars are working hard. The Province of St. Francis, Kerala is taking great interest in this delegation as there are many opportunities for missionary work. Young friars are motivated to be part of this delegation.
The delegation has two centres (namely Dadam [Diocese of Miao] and Veo [Diocese of Itanagar]), one more Mission Centre is taken up in the Diocese of Miao, called Launu
It has already an existing hut-Church and a small school (see the photographs attached), where 100 children are studying. The centre is little more closer to the state of Assam. 
At the same time, it has the inconveniences of transportation, electricity as well as tower-connection-for-communication. 

Yet it is a Mission, worth taking up for the cause of Christ and the Bishop of Miao, Rt. Rev. Dr. George Palliparambil, had been very happy in entrusting us this Mission. Let us pray for friars and the growth of the delegation.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Congratulations to Br. Mauro, General Minister-

The holy father pope francis has nominated many members for the congregation for institutes of consecrated life and societies of apostolic life. among three capuchins one is our beloved general minister mauro.

Let us assure him our prayers and May the Lord be with him. Congratulations!


Sala stampa della Santa Sede
Il Santo Padre ha adottato i seguenti provvedimenti nella Congregazione per gli Istituti di Vita Consacrata e le Società di Vita Apostolica:
- ha confermato Prefetto l'Eminentissimo Signor Cardinale João Braz de Aviz;
- ha nominato Membri gli Eminentissimi Signori Cardinali: Norberto Rivera Carrera, Arcivescovo di México (Messico); Oscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga, Arcivescovo di Tegucigalpa (Honduras); George Pell, Prefetto della Segreteria per l'Economia; Marc Ouellet, Prefetto della Congregazione per i Vescovi; Luis Antonio G. Tagle, Arcivescovo di Manila (Filippine); Gianfranco Ravasi, Presidente del Pontificio Consiglio della Cultura e della Pontificia Commissione di Archeologia Sacra; Fernando Filoni, Prefetto della Congregazione per l'Evangelizzazione dei Popoli; Domenico Calcagno, Presidente dell'Amministrazione del Patrimonio della Sede Apostolica; gli Eccellentissimi Monsignori: Francesco Cacucci, Arcivescovo di Bari Bitonto (Italia); Leo JunIkenaga, Arcivescovo di Osaka (Giappone); Francisco Chimoio, Arcivescovo di Maputo (Mozambico); Gianfranco Agostino Gardin, Arcivescovo Vescovo di Treviso (Italia); Luis Gerardo Cabrera Herrera, Arcivescovo di Cuenca en Ecuador (Ecuador); Ricardo BlázquezPérez, Arcivescovo di Valladolid (Spagna); Joseph Tobin, Arcivescovo di Indianapolis (Stati Uniti d'America); Jaime Spengler, Arcivescovo di Porto Alegre (Brasile); José Francisco UlloaRojas, Vescovo di Cartago (Costa Rica); Lucas Van Looy, Vescovo di Gent (Belgio); VicenteJiménez Zamora, Vescovo di Santander (Spagna); Gregor Maria Hanke, Vescovo di Eichstätt (Germania); John Corriveau, Vescovo di Nelson (Canada); KieranO'Reilley, Vescovo di Killaloe (Irlanda); Eusebio Hernández Sola, Vescovo di Tarazona (Spagna); il Reverendissimo P. Enrique FigaredoAlvargonzalez, S.I., Prefetto Apostolico di Battambang (Cambogia); i Reverendissimi Superiori Generali: P. Bruno Marin, Abate Presidente della Congregazione Benedettina Sublacense Cassinese; P. Bruno Cadoré, Maestro Generale dell'Ordine dei Frati Predicatori; P. Mauro Jöhri, Ministro Generale dell'Ordine Francescano Frati Minori Cappuccini; P. Enrique SánchezGonzález, Superiore Generale dei Missionari Comboniani del Cuore di Gesù; Fr. EmiliTurúRofes, Superiore Generale dei Fratelli Maristi delle Scuole; Sac. Jacob Nampudakam, Rettore Generale della Società dell'Apostolato Cattolico; Sig. Giorgio Mario Mazzola, Presidente Generale dell'Istituto Secolare Cristo Re;

Re-energised by the Retreat we return to Curia

Br. Luigi from Milano province did a fabulous job in preaching the retreat. his vast experience in teaching and pastoral field was evident in his talks. He gave reflections which were deep and profound, highly theological which won him accolades and appreciation from all of us.
After the lunch we left assisi and reached after two hours of drive.
This morning we celebrated the birthday of Br. Jean, councilor from Africa. We had a get together in his honor-. The Guardian spoke few words of appreciation of him. He is simple and loving friar. 

 Br. Victor is narrating stories to Brothers Massimo and Umberto
The Guardian speaks about Br,. Jean

Friday, March 28, 2014

Eucharist at the Tomb of St. Francis

This morning we all went to the Basilica of St. Francis and celebrated Mass at the Tomb of St. Francis. The friars were all excited to be part of this mass. We were given a special permission to celebrate Mass at 9am because after this the tourist keep visiting the tomb. Br. Mauro celebrated Mass and the preacher Br. Luigi preached homily on the theme spirit of St. Francis. After the mass we were taken around to visit the Basilica and some important places in the basilica. It was a spiritual experience for all of us. Today the weather has been a little funny because its been raining since last night, We had decided to walk up to the Basilica but due to rain we traveled by small mini buses.
We have the last talk at 11.30am and after the lunch we end up our spiritual retreat and return to the Curia. Thanks for your prayers

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Visit to Carceri

Soon after the breakfast we visited the famous and historical place, Carceri. It was a moment of great satisfaction and contentment to be there where the founder spent time in meditation and prayer. It is maintained well and you enter into the small caves with an intention to be like Francis to find time for oneself to be in conversation with God. Francis always found time for himself, unfortunately we are forgetting the need of some space for ourselves. I was surprised to see so many tourist early in the morning visiting this historical convent with the intention of spending time in prayer with the friars. Today the world is hungry for God and spiritual animation, everyone looking for some spiritual solace which can be found if one goes to right place.
 The entrance of Carceri hermitage

 Brothers antonio and alberto
 A panoramic view from hermitage

 Close to the hermitage

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Preacher speaks about Eucharist

Do this in memorial of me. Eucharist, Cross and life are interrelated n connected. He highlighted four points in talk:
1. The gratitude: The lord gives thanks for the profound mission received from the Father. Let us thank the lord for the opera of salvation brought to us by Christ. Thanking for his presence in the Eucharist.
2. The gift of self. Took the bread and broke it. Took the cup and shared with the others
3. Prayer of Intercession: He prayed for all.
4. The communion: The fraternity is a place for growth of the person through communion.
 Bro. Mark Schenk served the Mass this morning with me.

 Br. Charles Sammons did the first reading

 The Preacher reading the Gospel

 The preacher getting ready for the afternoon session and the friars are entering into the hall

 Friars waiting to listen to the talk