Thursday, March 27, 2014

Visit to Carceri

Soon after the breakfast we visited the famous and historical place, Carceri. It was a moment of great satisfaction and contentment to be there where the founder spent time in meditation and prayer. It is maintained well and you enter into the small caves with an intention to be like Francis to find time for oneself to be in conversation with God. Francis always found time for himself, unfortunately we are forgetting the need of some space for ourselves. I was surprised to see so many tourist early in the morning visiting this historical convent with the intention of spending time in prayer with the friars. Today the world is hungry for God and spiritual animation, everyone looking for some spiritual solace which can be found if one goes to right place.
 The entrance of Carceri hermitage

 Brothers antonio and alberto
 A panoramic view from hermitage

 Close to the hermitage

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