Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Preacher putting us on Right track

Yesterday afternoon the preacher led us to meditate on God's love in our lives and how each one is so special to HIM. The talk was highly theological and spiritual. Sometimes it becomes difficult to understand everything as the Language he uses is little bit high. We can follow everything but sometimes it goes over our heads. 
The evening was dedicated to an Hour of adoration with singing the psalms and meditation. It was an heavenly experience in midst of the silence of Assisi. No wonder people throng here for that silence which takes us deeper into our interior self. All around you can hear the birds chirping and singing. You feel that St. Francis is walking around and all these creatures are conversing with him. The environment is good that one automatically is drawn to praise and thank the Lord for His presence in the nature. 
This morning after the morning prayer and meditation the preacher spoke about obedience and fraternity. He has a lot of insights which really make us reflect and ask questions.
After all Assisi is Assisi and no place on earth can replace it. You come 100 times and yet you feel every time that you have come for the first time. Thats the magic and attraction of Assisi. How fortunate we are that we belong to this great heritage.

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