Monday, March 3, 2014

Marriage of two provinces

Yesterday the long awaited spiritual union took place between Venezia and Trento. it will go down in the history of the Capuchin Order. The oldest provinces in the Order come together to form one single provinces due to many reasons. The celebration took place in the presence of Br. Mauro General Minister. Let us pray for this province that the Lord helps and supports them to grow day by day and may the Lord send them new vocations.
Let us also pray for the new team under the leadership of Br. Roberto G. a seasoned leader  now and will definitely do well to carry and fulfill the mandate.
The celebration was held in Padova, Monday 3rd March. 

Ministro provinciale: fr. Roberto Genuin
Vicario provinciale: fr. Massimo Lorandini
2º Consigliere: fr. Roberto Tadiello
3º Consigliere: fr. Flaviano Gusella
4º Consigliere: fr. Nicola Marchiori
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