Thursday, March 20, 2014

Jubilee celebrations

 Four brothers celebrated their silver jubilees of simple capuchin profession. They concelebrated Mass and br. Johnson preached a meaningful homily about the significance of it. He spoke about Jubilee as a journey where we make pause. we look back, around and forward with intention of knowing, experiencing and thanking. It is not the years but the committed life that we celebrate. It is a moment to thank the Lord for his constant support and guidance.
 Br. Mauro released a book on the activities of Br. Immanuel, an architect of the Province. He also celebrated 25 years of his life as capuchin and 50 years as an architect. He was a lay brother in the congregation of St. Joseph which is no more existing. He was the General of the congregation. Later he  joined the Capuchins and today he is serving the Province with his work as an architect.

The friars in choir. One is playing "TABLA" an indian drum. The friars sing very well in Telegu

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