Sunday, March 16, 2014

General Minister arrives at Vijayawada

This morning the provincial of Swiss Br. Augustine along with his councilor to attend the chapter of Mary Matha. Both these provinces have a fraternal collaboration for many years and it is going on very well. I am sure both the provincial will report about the fraternal collaboration. 
The General Minister after a long journey via Munich to Delhi arrived at vijayawada after one hour delay. This morning two friars from Krist joyti province welcomed him and took him to a religious house for breakfast and rest. He reached vijayawada at 5.30pm. He was welcomed at the airport by. Br. Provincial and Br. Sudhakar. 
The weather is just nice and the summer is setting in. The temperatures are about 32 cel. It will rise up at the beginning of April. 
The friars are arriving one by one for the chapter, they are all expected to be here by tomorrow evening. The chapter begins tomorrow after supper.
Let us pray for a fruitful and fraternal chapter.

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