Saturday, April 28, 2018

Amala Annai Provincial Chapter concludes!!!!!!!

 §  The example of selfless love and humble service set forth by Jesus at the Last Supper is the foundation of the Catholic Church's mission in the world
§  Jesus' institution of the Eucharist and washing his disciples' feet are gestures of love "that make the church grow if we are faithful
§  "Without love, (the church) doesn't grow, it transforms into an empty institution, of appearances, of gestures without fruitfulness," he said. "Jesus tells how we should love: until the end."
§  Jesus' "awareness that he is greater than all of us" is proof of his humility because, despite his lordship, he humbled himself through concrete acts of love, .
§  His command to his disciples to love one another, to serve one another and to know that they are never greater than the master "are blunt words and gestures (that are) the foundation of the church," 
§   "If we go forward with these three things, we will never be mistaken.
§ To examine and intensify our approach to vocation promotion
§ To focus more towards evangelisation
§ To deepen and renew our understanding of our charism
§ To build fraternal communities that nurture respect, forgiveness and appreciation of each friar as an asset, 
§  A renewal of how we integrate prayer life into our actual realities
§ Building brotherly relationships in the community, where we truly love one another as brothers
§ Zeal, commitment and faithfulness for the mission, seeking God’s kingdom more than our own interests
§ Having a deep experience of passing through our limitations, incarnating in our own humanity the spirit of Jesus Crucified
§ To renew our sense of belonging to the community, to the Province and to the Order….do away differences that we have spoken here in sincerity…work towards building communion and brotherhood without basing on one’s belonging to a particular group
§ Spirituality of respect for differences in community, accepting and embracing one another as we are
§ To grow in the spirit of prayer
§ To try to use all our energy to prevent sin
§ We need to be ready to risk in community for more authentic relationships; for more dialogue and clarification
§ To pass through our daily crosses, into the heart of Jesus Crucified, to find God’s love for us as we are
§ We need to be joyful and courageous prophets, carrying out the mission entrusted to us even if not accepted or shown gratitude
§ To identify our inconsistences in a spirit of faith, at personal, community and ministerial level and being committed to work on them
§ We need to work at the process of integration through our own conversion

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A servant is not greater than his master

The disciple of Jesus goes up on the cross, but does not create any cross for others. If he also created a small cross for others, he would not be a disciple of Jesus.

  This is today the grave danger of Christianity: becoming a disciple of Jesus without a Cross, without being crucified to his own truth. Creating a Christian religion without the Crucifix and without the gift of the Cross is the temptation of all time.

 Today this temptation is sharpening. Satan has decided to strike a hard blow to the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church of God.  But Satan is still not satisfied, and with his other diabolical, artificial theories, he aims at adapting himself to his thought: to make a religion without a Cross, a faith without Truth, a Christian who descends from the Cross, a disciple who adapts to thinking according to the world. This is his goal and in part he has achieved it.

 Jesus is the truth of the disciple and He is the Crucifix. Christ Jesus chose to remain the Crucifix forever. Some founders of religion are crucifiers, not Crucifixes. Never can a Christian be a crucifier.


 The election of the new provincial team began at 9am with a prayer song to the Holy Spirit, roll call was taken by the chapter secretary and after which I gave instructions with regard to the elections...

 The election process went on till 5.30pm......with a break for lunch....all were elected in the third was a wonderful atmosphere.....

 The newly elected team celebrated Mass....provincial minister made profession of faith and the entire team took an oath of secrecy
 The outgoing provincial John Antony handed over the seal of the province to the new provincial AJ Mathew,,,
MP: fr.  A. J. Mathew
VP: Fr. Susairaj S
2C: Fr. A. Jesuraj
3C: Fr. T. Lawrence
4C: Fr. Paul Sagayanathan
Data: 25.04.2018
Luogo: Amalashram, Trichy, Tamilnadu, India
Presidente: fr. Michael Baptist Fernandes, 
Consigliere Generale

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A Short biography of Fr. John Peter SAVARINAYAGAM, OFM. Cap., (1941 – 1979)

One of our Friars from United Tamilnadu province who lived a simple and humble life is  a model of holiness today. May people come to his tomb everyday to pray and many of them are receiving graces and favors. The friars are organizing various programs in order make known his life and ministry. Here below is a short life history of Br. John Peter

His Birth and Early Life
Fr. John Peter was born to Savarinayagam and Thomaiammal on May 29, 1941 at Thiruppanthuruthy, Thanjavur district. Being childless for about 15 years his parents prayed to St. Anthony of Padua for an issue and Fr. John Peter and his twin brother were the result of their earnest prayer. The twins were baptized as Peter and Paul at the church of Our Lady of Good Health at Thiruppanthuruthy (Kumbakonam diocese) on June 15, 1941. He was a native of Michealpatti a catholic village but his father moved temporarily their residence to Thiruppanthuruthy due to his job at the time of his birth. He had his primary education at his home town Michealpatti and his high school at Thirukattupalli. 

Franciscan Capuchin Vocation
Fr. John Peter had a burning desire to become a Capuchin priest because he was an ardent devotee of St Anthony of Padua. After his high school he joined the Capuchin Seraphic Seminary at Shanthi Ashram, Coimbatore in 1959. Having completed his Latin course, he was received at the novitiate of Monte Mariano, Mangalore (Karnataka) on May 14, 1962 and he was given a religious name Roland. He made his first profession the following year on May 16. Fr. John Peter did his philosophical studies at Thrissur, Kerala; on completion of it he made his solemn commitment on May 16, 1966. He pursued his theological studies at The Friary, Kotagiri from 1966 -69. Throughout his formation he was identified as prayerful, simple, humble, docile, reliable, open, hardworking and ascetic.  Fr. John Peter SAVARINAYAGAM was ordained a priest on December 11, 1969 at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Madurai by His Grace Most. Rev. Justin Diraviam, the archbishop of Madurai. 

As Young Priest
During the formative years Fr. John Peter was noted for his keenness and austerity. He was also a man of self-sacrifice and dedication. After his ordination he was assigned as teaching staff at minor seminary, Amalashram. As member of the Capuchin Mission Band he also undertook preaching ministry in few parishes.  After two years of service in the formation, he was transferred to Fatima Church, Coimbatore as assistant parish priest in 1972. After a year again he was called back to Amalashram and was assigned as assistant director of minor seminary. 
A Deep Search to be A Mystic
Having put in two years of selfless service in the formation, he was sent to Rome to specialize on spirituality. When he was there in Rome he showed much interest on the spirituality of the great mystics St Teresa of Avila and St John of the Cross. His calm and serene life pushed him towards these great Carmelite mystics. Fr. John Peter learned quickly Spanish and travelled to Spain on vacations and mastered on the mystic spirituality. He too was a linguist and was able to converse in Latin, English, Italian, Spanish and German besides Tamil. 

Spiritual Giant
Having completed successfully his licentiate on Spirituality, Fr. John Peter returned to the province in 1976. Once again he was appointed at Amalashram and was assigned as director of the minor seminary. In addition, he was also appointed as spiritual father to all the Capuchin formees of the province. About a year back in 1978, he was elected as one of the provincial councillors.  Besides his service at Amalashram, he rendered often his spiritual animation to the sisters of Trichy St Anne’s and Holy Cross. He was always well appreciated for his spiritual discourses and holy life. He was a man of simplicity and had a big heart for the poor and the suffering. He spent lavishly his time in prayer and meditation. Even at night he kept awake to pray before the Eucharistic Lord and was always faithful to all the activities of the fraternity. He was a man of soft spoken and never grumbled against anything or anyone. He manifested beautifully his spirituality through his simple, serene and holy life.   

Sister Sickness and Sister Death
It was in the month of August 1978 that Fr. John Peter complained of pain in the stomach. One of the abnormal glands taken for biopsy revealed that it might be cancer. First, he was treated at Visuvanathanhospital in Trichy and later he was taken to Stanley government general hospital, Chennai. Here he was operated on and the suspicion of cancer was confirmed, fifteen days after the operation Fr. John Peter passed away (38) on March 2, 1979. His mortal remains were brought to Amalashram, Trichy and were laid to rest in our friary on the following day. In the hot summer, suddenly there was unusual heavy rain at the time of his burial. During his illness never complained of anything, with innocent smile he always endured his pain and agony. Many came to sympathise with him but he used to repeat the words of St. Paul “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (Phil 1: 21). He was a true suffering servant of Lord Jesus Christ. His holiness came to limelight at the time of his illness and every one still wonders of his forbearance. He was indeed a humble servant of the Crucified Lord and a true son of Father St Francis. 
A man of Holiness
In Fr. John Peter, we have lost a spiritual giant. His studiousness is second to none. All those who have come into contact with him have words of high appreciation on his simplicity and spirit of poverty and above all his detachment. With regard to his personal belongings he hardly had the bare necessities. He will be ever remembered with a deep sense of gratitude for his genuine commitment. We may meet many good souls in our life but we will never meet another John Peter SAVARINAYAGAM.

Provincial of Detriot celebrates Eucharist

 2nd day of the chapter...brothers Michael and David celebrated the eucharist for the friars...the province has fraternal collaboration with the province of Amala Annai
 David preached an inspiring homily and also brought out many examples from the life of Solanus...

 Asking the Lord to be with us....through His body and Blood

 Brothers in a happy mood....very participative chapter....sharing is filled with wisdom....young friars contribution is big

 morning session continuing reading the various reports

3rd Provincial Chapter of Amala Annai Province Trichy, Tamilnadu India

The third provincial elective chapter began on Monday morning with a prayer service in the chapel of Amala Ashram....all the capitulars were present. 
 Friars Michael and David attending the chapter....
 some instructions given to the participants
 My key note address to build up communion among the brothers

 Provincial report being read by Br. John Antony

 Economic report preceded PPT on economic solidarity in the Order,,,,,it helped the friars to understand better the need of being self-sufficient

Friday, April 20, 2018

Post Novices of CCMSI prepare for Perpetual profession

 Idukki district in Kerala is mountainous area....lush green every where throughout the year....St. Joseph province has

 Last 8 years we have been conducting this program at Kotagiri but this year CCMSI decided to shift the venue...this year in Kopramkudy.....Kerala

 St. Joseph Province has a retreat centre here.....there are 52 brothers preparing for the perpetual vows