Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Mid Term Report Format - explanationg

 This training course was designed by the Order to provide the provincials and Custos, who are decision makers to receive a better understanding of what is meant by “called to animate the brothers”. This animation course is the preferred approach for guiding and animating the friars, organising, administering and managing the various aspects of our Capuchin life to achieve diverse goals demanded by the Constitutions.  Then main foundational purpose is to acquire knowledge of how to implement and integrate the rule, Testament and the Constitutions into policy and practice, and a means for leaders to come together to discuss management and animation, sharing various challenges and problems in animating the friars in more holistic ways that can be beneficial for governing the jurisdictions.

 When done thoughtfully, prayerfully, and well, Mid-term reports are an important facet of developing a healthy brotherhood, a Province in which friars in community discover and learn the rich and textured life that God desires for the Capuchin Order. Mid-term reports honor our role as stewards of God’s gifts and can help us focus on the purpose for which God calls us. The blessings we experience in each other as members of a Capuchin family are intended to bless those beyond us. Mid-term reports that are true, genuine, candid and gracious are expressions of a fraternity that is growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ and St. Francis. These are expressions of a fraternity that exists not for itself but as a testimony to the mission of God in the world

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