Friday, November 30, 2012

This picture is taken in the Novitiate refectory. It is an old refectory where you find beautiful paintings of many saints and Mother can see one in the background. Two senior most friars in the fraternity who are above 85 years. The young man is a deacon but not Capuchin who lives as a hermit close by. He comes to Novitiate for his confessions regularly. Young and spiritual man.

Pictures of Camerino Novitiate

The entrance of Camerino Novitiate, beautiful indeed.
Today is the second day of the Novena and we had about 30 youth from different parishes gathered here for their annual meeting. They participated in the evening prayers and Novena. We all sang different hymns to Mother May. I sang a hymn to Mother Mary in my mother tongue Marathi "Mariaya Tula Pranam Mariaya". 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Novena to BVM

Last night on the mountains close by it snowed heavily. From the Novitiate wee can see the white snow capped mountains. It is a feast to our eyes. And they are expecting heavy snow before the Christmas...It is going to be white Christmas.
Today, here they began nine days Novena in honor of Immaculate Conception of BVM. Here in the Novitiate this evening we prayed the Novena prayers preceded by praying the Holy Rosary followed by Vespers. Good number of people participated. A strong and deep devotion to Immaculate conception of BVM. The Novices conducted the Novena. 


The above photo is of the vatican....i shall post some photos later of Camerino

I am in Camerino, the first Capuchin Novitiate. It is a heaven on earth, surrounded by snow capped mountains and natural beauty. It is a place where one can definitely renew himself and get back to the original vigor and enthusiasm of the Capuchin spirit. I am so blessed that i got this golden opportunity to be here to brush my Italian. There are four novices from different provinces...the number of novices is going down year by year. They are young and enthusiastic about embracing the Capuchin Charism. they are very friendly and human. I am sure that one day they will be good Capuchins. The novitiate is very simple unlike other houses here in Italy. They have maintained simplicity and the original touch. Ones you get here the environment does not allow you to feel lonely or lonesome but get connected to God.
I practice my Italian with the novices who teach me grammar which i had learned some years is good to get back to school. I am enjoying every moment of it.

wishing all of you a Holy season of Advent.
Maranatha Come O Lord Jesus Come

Friday, November 23, 2012


Yesterday I met some of our Missionary brothers working in different parts of the World. These brothers attended a course for the Mission animation in Brussels. They have come to Italy to visit Assisi and Rome as part of their program. I was happy to know that the course was well conducted and well planned. The animation given is very useful for the missionary work of the brothers in their respective places. The friars who attended this course were from karnataka, St. Joseph Province, St. Thomas and Tamilnadu. br. Helmut along with the other Franciscan Friars conduct this animation course...he has already emailed invitation for the next years course in Brussels. Let us pray that our friars who are in the missions and are planning to be missionaries can make us of this course.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to Br. Mark DSouza

Today is the Birthday of Br. Mark DSouza. He has been working in general curia in the department of Economic solidarity. His work has been appreciated by one and all. He is prompt and accurate with his work. He is a walking encyclopidia on the Projects of the Capuchins. You tell him the name of the project and he will provide you with all the details accurately. We wish him all the best and long life with good health.
To all American Capuchins a Happy Thanksgiving Day. We are with you in prayers and best wishes.
Story: A certain religious on his birthday was missing in the friary and everyone was looking for him for the celebration of the Eucharist and there after a agape. He was not to be found and finally they located him on the terrace of the house. He was asked the reason for his absence in the friary for the celebration. An elderly religious as he was, with tears in his eyes said that long life given by the Lord to him was not really used for the glory and praise of Him. He felt that he was not of service to God and so unworthy to have a celebration. But the Guardian told him that God has some more years for you to be of service, so begin now and not run away and be sad..St. Francis of Assisi said, Brothers so far we have done nothing let us now begin. The religious understood that we can be of service to the Lord at any given moment of our Life.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pavanatma Province has got about 62 brothers in various stages of formation. They all came to the Provincialate to meet the General Minister. The General Minister and Definitor addressed them on different themes. The brothers then asked questions and clarification regarding formation and the various issues touching the life of a formee.  

Some fine and memorable moments of the Chapter. Brothers who celebrated golden Jubilee of their religious  profession were congratulated and holy Eucharist was celebrated along with them.

The chapter of Pavanatma was officially inaugurated by the General Minister, General definitor and the Provincial Minister by lighting the traditional Indian lamp which was kept burning throughout the chapter days.