Thursday, December 31, 2015

Welcome to the New Guardian Martin. At Curia


Curia Generale welcomed the new Guardian Br. Martin from Peru.....he arrived this evening.....we all prayed this evening thanking the Lord for all the gift that the curia has received. We spent one hour in adoration thanking the Lord....the prayer service was well prayed and it helped all to thank the Lord and at the end Te Deum was sung....

During the dinner the General Minister who returned from Holy land this evening welcome the new Guardian with best wishes and prayers....

Br. Willie all dressed up for the new year celebrations...all of us were dressed up in our traditional dress .we had a house house game//////its called tombola......we had variety of gifts,,,,many received two or three times...

The General Minister is surrounded by all the friars.....we took turns to conduct the housie game..even the general minister

Good Bye Good Bye Good Bye 2015

Yet another year is coming to an end with joys, success, happiness and failures. The year was marked with so many good and positive things around but it was also marred with some negative happenings, the ugly head of terrorism has emerged and cast a shadow on the goodness. At the beginning of last year many had predicted and spoken boldly about their success and achievements. Many governments of the world had promised bed of roses and they failed to deliver to their citizens. It is a time to reflect a little bit. Why failures? Why we could not deliver goods to the citizens? why could not be a little better Capuchin brothers and friars to our people around? What stopped me to grow as a true son of St. Francis? 

 There have been significant events that have taken place in the Order, Provinces and in our own fraternities. what did i learn? what move did i make to be a better son of God and Francis. What did i proclaim through my Capuchin Charism to the people around and to whom am i assigned to serve? For me as Capuchin, the year 2015 must have been totally different. Did i spread peace and work for its implementation. 

    We as Capuchins are called to answer the various situations and events in the world. Did we lose the opportunity and invitations to be effective Missionaries in our own Provinces? 

Did our Fraternities and Provinces become schools of communion and friendship? We are all called to participate in the redemptive loving plan of God. Did we experience this divine love? Did our fraternal relationships improve or they are the same filled with suspicion, criticism and backbiting? 

Did i become a gift to my brothers in the Province or something else?We had many choices to make our friars happy and create moments of happiness and holiness in our fraternities, did we lose them or use them to be creative friars? We are all called to be proclaimers of God's good news in season and out of season. Did i evangelize at least one soul during 2015 year? We could have walked with those broken and tired, misunderstood and neglected in the society and even in our provinces? Did we accompany them during their difficult journey of life? 

So Let us welcome this new Year 2016 in our Lives to be different from 2015. Let us not repeat the same mistakes which we committed. Let every morning of 2016 invite us to inter into the fullness of the year to know the loving plan of God. This year has been dedicated as year of Mercy, God is asking and inviting us to be merciful and to show mercy through our lives. Let us be honest during this year with reflection, expressions of gratitude to the Lord and to the Order, Provinces and friars for the opportunity that they will offer us to be new people. 

As you end this new year and move on to the next, take a bit of time to review, to contemplate, to meditate. 

Honor the past year by celebrating your joys, mourning your losses, and shaking your head at the wonder of it all. Isn’t it amazing another year has passed? And so the earth goes round and round, about to orbit once more.

Whether you’re going to spend some time in adoration thanking the Lord for the wonderful blessings, or going to spend your evening with friends and loved ones, or in the fraternity, New Year's Eve is a great evening for reflection and thanking the Lord and those who touched us to grow.