Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bangalore to Rome

The visitation phase one of the Province of Holy Trinity got over on 18th evening and 19th morning I left for Rome. The journey was wonderful and quite nothing special except the food on emirates which I love. The wine and other stuff keep changing on board and that’s good news. You can taste wines, which come from all over the world. The flight was smooth except few bounces and turbulence, which is normal during this time of the year.  I reached around 7pm and straightway headed to the railway station and Br. Damien was there to drive me to the Curia…….what a joy to return home…..friars’ warmth and their hospitality counts a lot…..

The visitation in Holy Trinity though just 7 fraternities I visited was an experience of great importance…..i met almost 110 young and old friars. Listening to the formees was a learning process…..for me it was a joy to listen to young friars who have dreams for themselves and for the order. They view the Capuchin life differently in keeping with the signs of the times. They have intelligence and expertise. They are ready and willing to do anything. I spoke to them about living and reading the constitutions, following the capuchin traditions and of course getting into researching…..studies not for sake of marks but for life and to contribute to the building of the church and the Province
This morning the Eucharist was celebrated by Br. Umberto…..great preacher he is…..his style of reaching is unique…..he preaches like giving points of meditation….slowly and articulates each word…..he has rich thoughts too…..this morning we got hear Christology, Mariology and Ecclesiology…..
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