Monday, December 28, 2015

Innocent Martyrs ........even Today, Herod is alive.....

We all feel sad and cry out when we read in the Gospel that Herod sent and killed all the children in order to eliminate Jesus. We swear that if we were in the place of Herod never, ever would have been a massacre of innocents. Nonsense. Changing times, changing modes, but the substance is the same. There are hundreds, thousands of children in Bethlehem of our house, in the cities close to us, in the quarters next to the house who die every day, starving, dying for lack of love and of a family die in despair of Abuse . They die because we have them sentenced to death. We, new Herod, we are their executioners. We do not welcome them into our homes as we fear that Herod is killing hundreds of children. 
Fear, that's how you call our reluctance to save the life of a child. No one is asking you to give up your life, no one thinks you have found an association and take in ten teenage boys and problematic. But you would expect a small act of love, to open the door to a child who is dying because of you. 

Herod as you are afraid of nothing, he felt threatened his power, he thought it would be limited in its actions, deemed that Jesus would overthrow his kingdom. Fears exist, like ours. What do you fear? A child in foster care can take away peace and serenity? Which is dangerous to your life? Are you afraid of having to face the social services, the courts of the child, the natural family? You are afraid to suffer when you will be able to save that child?

Herod for his fears unfounded scattered innocent blood.
You are doing the same, let so many children are lost and die because you are afraid, afraid of losing something you have, something you selfishly do not want to share with others, even with a child, even a small percentage.

 Reflect. Think about how bad we are doing, not doing anything.
There are many obstacles, often even by the social services, but a child is dying because of you, it seems to me a good reason to fight. We will be on your side if you decide to take a step in the ri ght direction, we will guide and advise you, do not leave you alone and together we will save many children
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