Saturday, December 26, 2015

Happy Feast of St. Stephen.....

Christian's life must be permeated with the Holy Spirit. At any time you must be able to recognize the will of God. What do you want from him in every particular situation and condition of its history. If the Spirit is not in abundance on the disciple of Jesus, he never will know where to move, behave, stabilize, stay, go. The Christian is the one who always sees as God. He accepts the will. He lives all its consequence. It remains in peace. It strengthens the hope. He offers himself as a victim of love and sacrifice for the accomplishment of redemption on our land. 

What are the Acts unless the description of the life of the Church living under the powerful guidance of the Spirit of the Lord? It is the Spirit of God that moves the Church in its interior, to make it grow in holiness, and outside it, so that it can grow new children. 

If for a moment the Holy Spirit abandoned the Church, this would be in disarray and confusion, chaos operating, missionary of faith, doctrine, science, wisdom, intelligence.
 It would be a dead church, because all intent from dead works that do not give life. Instead, the Spirit of the Lord blows on it, and the doors of his spiritual prison open and it begins its mission in the world. What happened in the Upper Room at Pentecost, it should be every day, every moment. Always the Spirit you must pour into it

It is the Spirit of God the eternal life of the Christian.For this reason, the Christian and the Spirit of the Lord will never be two separate, divided, separated. They should form one. As Jesus Christ is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit, so Christians must be one with Christ, and in Christ, with the Father and the Holy Spirit. God is the perennial source of Christian life and when the Christian is in God, even when it is in life in death, in prison, in prison, under the scourges, under stones. As God is life on the cross for Jesus the Lord, so will life on each cross that Christians are called to suffer, to bear witness to Christ. 

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