Sunday, September 30, 2018

Call to be the Hands, Feet and Mouth of Jesus!!!!!!!!!

Today the Liturgy reminds us of our responsibility to proclaim the goodness through our lives, actions and deeds. The Church invites us to be the hands, feet and mouth of Jesus in order to make Him known. We don't have to blame someone for doing something wrong to the person of our Lord Jesus and to the Church, how we can carry forward the project of Jesus to the nook and corner of the World. The attacks on the church and the priests will continue but the grace of Jesus will increase and abound every moment. What the Lord is asking to be give water to those who are thirsty spiritually and physically too. Those who are sick and lonely we must visit them by becoming the feet of Jesus.
Jesus Christ is calling us to participate in his ministry and service to all the Human beings. This service is open to all and not limited to anyone. Any person filled with the spirit of Jesus can work in His name and work wonders and miracles. The man who worked miracles in the name of Jesus was noticed by the disciples of Jesus and they knew that he was not one of them. May be jealousy that led them to complain to Jesus saying that he was healing people in the name Master Lord Jesus. But Jesus said that no one can work wonders if he is against us. we cannot stop anyone who does works of mercy and compassion. The work of the Lord is not only limited to preaching, baptising but beyond that we must go....treat and accept another human being as a person created by the Lord. As a human person we are called to serve, to provide drink, food, clothing, medication in the name of Jesus the Lord. 

Christ is inviting us to increase the faith of those who are weak in faith. Those weak in faith are like small children and they accept everything as truth. Therefore if our behaviour and attitude makes them to lessen their faith in Jesus then we are responsible, we should be punished as the Gospel suggests. The parents, priests, religious and others who have authority to Contribute to the growth of Faith in others who are wavering.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Happy Feast to Archangels

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. We are familiar with Michael, the fighter and warrior of God, and with Gabriel, God's messenger to Mary and Zechariah for the birth of their sons.

 The Archangel Raphael, "the Medicine of God," appears in the book of Tobit to heal Tobit from his blindness and to protect Tobias in her marriage to Sara who had been tormented by many devils.

In the first reading from Revelation, we see Michael, God's warrior, defeating Satan and his evil hosts. These struggles against evil forces continue today. The Church teaches against evil and lies. Michael helps protect the Church and all those who live for goodness and truth.

In the Gospel reading, at Jesus' call of his first disciples, we hear Jesus assuring us that angels are at God's bidding, "ascending and descending upon the Son of Man." The angels and archangels help us in our life journey to heaven and the kingdom of God. We are urged to call upon them in our daily lives and in time of need.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Padre Pio - A Saint for Modern World.......

Padre Pio is now a well-known saint in the Church, society and the world at large. He has made impression on human beings with his spirituality and holiness. The fact people still flocking to San Giovanni Rotondo is a sign that Padre Pio is interceding even now strongly and efficaciously in the lives of those who place their trust and devotion to him. The Friars at San Giovanni Rotondo celebrated on 23rd Sept 50 years of his death in the presence of a huge crowd and the new General Minister of the Capuchin Order. He also completed 100 years of receiving the Holy stigmata, which really made him a true follower of Jesus and united with Jesus in His suffering and passion. 

With his life he brought to people solace and mercy through the sacrament of confession. Behind Padre Pio’s radiating kindness was great physical and moral suffering. He was stamped with the wounds of Jesus Christ, receiving the stigmata as a participation in Christ’s passion

Every year the devotees with great faith participate in the night prayer vigil and midnight Mass. This year the new General Minister Roberto Genuine celebrated the midnight mass in the presence of a huge crowd of devotees. What attracts so many devotees from all over the world is the love of Padre Pio for Jesus Crucified who suffered for the human beings. Jesus Christ who loved Padre Pio and granted him the grace of Stigmata. Padre Pio’s life teaches his devotees to be faithful in all trials and temptations to Jesus by carrying the Cross. 

Through his devotion and faith in Jesus Christ Padre Pio approached others with dedication and love. The goal of his association with the suffering people was their good and to bring them mercy and compassion of Jesus. Padre Pio was authentic in his witness to Jesus, obedient to the God the Father and his Superiors and continued the life of prayer with faith and love. Padre Pio was evangelizing the society with his ministry to the people who came in faith to receive God’s mercy and compassion. Padre Pio was a simple friar with a unique relationship with God. He held a sensitive spiritual core that was seen through his devout prayer life, empathy in confession and desire to save souls.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Time to leave the General Curia, Rome

Its time to leave the General has been 6 years of service and animation to the experience which is million dollars worth...i had the opportunity and privilege to visit the entire 12 provinces, 2 custodies and 5 delegations in India....then some African provinces.....sack full of positive fraternal experiences.   

Happy Birthday to Fr. Patrick Mac sherry.....

 Celebrations are always welcomed in the its a birthday of Patrick.....
 The Guardian saying few words of appreciation

 Italian food is always tasty and everyone loves it...
 Happy Birthday to you.....Tanti auguri a te.....cake baked at home

Sunday, September 23, 2018

St Padre Pio - a great confessors of our times

The  Catholics all over the world wonder and ask question about Padre Pio as and outstanding confessor who dispensed the mercy and forgiveness of God to the penitents.  Why did people from all walks of like flocked to him to make confession. What did they see and experience difference between him and other confessors of the time. The difference was that he was. Man of prayer and compassion who was always available for the expel. He had the gift to lead people to repentance and conversion. His life was more appealing to penitents because he was in communion with God who gifted him the wounds of His beloved son Jesus. He always represented JSU’s in the confessional and people did see the presence of jesus as a forgiving and compassionate Lord. Padre Pio was fraternal, human and very much welcoming. He made people feel comfortable in his presence but he was also tough and hard with people because he wanted them to lead good Christian life. 
The confessors of today need the spirit and availability of Padre Pio. He did it out of love for people and moved by the compassion of the Lord he heard confessions for the salvation of the penitents. He sat there not to judge but to show the love of the forgiving Father. He wanted the penitents to to experience a dialogue and a loving meeting with a loving and kind FTher always waiting for the erring children to return. Padre Io communicated to penitents that we meet with God, the loving Father who wants to forgive us our sins and put our minds to rest.   

Pope Francis said that; “It is important, therefore, that the confessor also be a ‘channel of joy’ and that the faithful, after being pardoned, no longer feel the oppression of guilt, but can relish God’s work which has freed them to live in thanksgiving, ready to repair the harm done and to go meet their brothers and sisters with a good and willing heart.” And he also said; “”We cannot risk frustrating the desire of the sinner to be reconciled with the Father. For what the Father awaits more than anything is for his sons and daughters to return home.” 

Saturday, September 22, 2018

What did we Learn from the Animation of Fr Mauro as General Minister

My experience with FR Mauro as general minister for 12 years has been very positive and fruitful He was very fraternal n kind, very good fraternal administrator with a difference. If I ask a question as to what we have learnt from his animation and leadership I would say that many beautiful lessons. Especially to be humble and listen to everyone before taking any decision.  What have learnt from many circular Lesters of him? Has our order benefited from the letter of Mauro on Formation and sense of belonging which were the best ones among the others. But I think the experience of the last chapter would make me say positively yes. The impact of his letters is seen in the entire Order. He has created a flutter and new vision in the Order. Many provinces and individual friars are putting into practice already and the results are marvelous.
The Experienced a life of brotherhood is seen and experienced by all. There are Friars who are already relating and living as true lesser brothers. Brothers are contributing without the tensions and imposing and listening to the others.
The flame of our charisma is truly revived and burning brightly. We need to make all efforts to keep it burning where we are and in whatever we do. This flame can be renewed everyday but danger is that it may be put off by individualism and provincialism. The danger could be the modern society which challenges us to live our vows and charisma in a worthy manner. The obedience to the will of god  will guide us all to be prophets and messengers of God.  For this we may have to go through trouble and sufferings but at the end God the father will welcome us as true and faithful servants.
During these of crisis in the society and Church Our choice should be of fraternity where we live in close union and harmony with each other. Helping one another to be faithful to our goes and spirituality. Our Charism makes us brothers to one another so the age old saying that each brother is a gift. Receive one another as brothers as gift. This journey is difficult but possible. This journey will be good because God will be with us. For our journey to be disciples and sons let us ask Mother Mary’s intercession. Like a disciple John who welcomed her in his home to be his Mother. Let us welcome her in our hearts and fraternities.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Happy Feast day to the New General Minister Br. Roberto Genuin.....

Let us pray for the new General Minister who celebrates today his Feast day.....he is in the general curia and will celebrate the eucharist this morning....May the Lord bless him abundantly and today on the feast day of the Holy Stigmata of St. Francis, May our  new General lead the Order to experience the spirituality and holiness of Francis.....

Concluding Eucharist for the Chapter by General Minister Roberto