Sunday, August 31, 2014

From Goa to Delhi - Happy Teachers day

After three days of hectic program and meetings of the two conferences, i flew to Delhi on way to lucknow for the Provincial chapter. I spent the night at Premjyoti Custody headquarters. Last night Br. Stefano arrived from Rome and this afternoon we fly together to Lucknow. 
Delhi is very warm with intermittent showers which takes the heat off for sometimes and then once again warm. 
This morning Br. Alex the manager of St. Joseph High school invited me to school to celebrate Mass for the Teachers and students. Here in India we celebrate teachers day on 5th september to thank and appreciate their services to the nation. The school anticipated the Mass and program because on 5th the Indian prime minister is going to address the children of the nation. So all the schools have to screen this live telecast to the students and teachers.

 Teachers come from all Religion but they participate in the Eucharist. In the school the common prayer is "our Father" which is prayed by all the students and teachers.

 Br. Prasad, custos , Br. alex, Manager of the school con-celebrating with me.

 teachers and students listening to my homily which i preached on the role of the teachers and the responsibility of the students towards the teachers and management
At the end i taught them a song...It's i Its I who build the school....along with teachers students sang in angelic voices....

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Election of CCMSI Conference India

 The outgoing President Br. Raphy handing over the seal to new President Br. Chinnu, Vice President Br. Joseph and secretary Br. A.J.mathew

 The Office bearers with General Councilor

 President being congratulated by out going president

 Out going Vice President John congratulated Br. Joseph

 Br. A.J. Mathew, secretary is congratulated by Br. P.A. Joseph, provincial of Kritjyoti

Friday, August 29, 2014

Second Day of Conferences Meeting

The Major Superiors along with OFS executive Body
This morning we continued the meeting of the Franciscan Major superiors. We have a few points on the agenda. Yesterday the meeting with OFS executive body where we discussed and clarified many issues. It was a fruitful meeting with OFS. 
This morning we began the day with Eucharist celebrated by me. The morning session we began at 8.30am by reading the minutes of the last meeting of major superiors of the Franciscan family. 

 The National OFS Minister and his assistant

 The friars listening to the minutes being read.....

The opening of meeting.....OFS National Minister and council members attend the Meeting

 The lightening of the traditional Lamp.....Br. Raphy and Br. Babu, provincial of OFM
 Br. Raphy, CCMSI president .....
 Br. John K....provincial of the TOR
 The Provincial of Conventuals......
 Br. Dolphy ....provincial minister of Karnataka and president of all Franciscan families
 Br. Dinesh, provincial minister of Goa is welcoming the Participants ....

 The officials were all garlanded....

 Br. President Dolphy giving a welcoming speech.....
 Dr. Jerry, explaining certain issues....
 It's Lunch time.....Goan dishes...delicious Goan curries....
 The Goan OFS members pay a visit to all of us......

 Albert Francis presenting the over all view of OFS......he clarified some of the issues.....
 The participants listening to Albert....

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Conference Meeting of All Franciscan Major Superiors on 29th August 2014, Goa

 The provincials of the Franciscan families listen to the opening talk

·      Began with a hymn and prayer by Br. Babu, executive secretary
·      Lightning of the traditional Indian Lamp by the dignitaries
·      Welcome by Br. Dolphy, president of Conference
·      Welcome by Br. Dinesh, provincial minister of Goa
·      Br. Michael read out emails written by International spiritual assistant regarding Albert Francis, National Minister of India.
·      Dues to be paid to Rome is about 9000 Euros
·      What is the role, responsibility and relationship of the conference with National OFS?
·      Some directives are needed from the conference of the general ministers

     Dr. Jerry Joseph, National Formator to OFS for 10 months. He spoke about the need of more formation of OFS. He is professionally a doctor working for Palliative department in a hospital. He also does a lot of social work and visiting poor people who are sick.
·      Many are not aware of the rule, constitutions, Bible and spirituality of OFS
·      Forming the formator is to be organized
·      As Christians, Catholics and Franciscans, what are we presenting to them….need to discover Gospel as first form of Formation
·      18,000 members most of them are seniors
·      time bound formation and not knowledge bound formation
·      National spiritual assistants need to study the rule and constitutions of OFS
·      Regular participation in formation of OFS by the national and International spiritual assistant
·      Present Francis what he is and not what I want him to be
·      Formation of the formators should take place every six month which is practice, faith bound.
·      Group discussion on the talk delivered by Jerry Joseph
·      The formation of the spiritual assistants in India. 
 Group discussion on the talk of Dr. Jerry on the theme of Formation
 The provincials listening to one another

Arrival of the CCMSI Provincials and Provincials of Conference of all the Franciscans, GOA

Today its raining cats and dogs in Goa. Many Provincials arriving by train and air had to face the wrath of torrential rains here. Some of them were stuck on the road for more than three hours in the traffic due to heavy rains. I along with Br. John, provincial of TOR were waiting at the airport from more than one hour waiting for the friars to pick up. They could not reach on time as the traffic was increasing due to heavy continuous showers. Finally Br. Dinesh, Provincial of Goa, telephoned to Br. Nelson, the vicar provincial from Padre Pio to pick us up from the airport. We took almost two hours to reach Navelim. We are going to stay here for the night and leave early morning to Monte de Guirim where the meeting will be held. 
I am enjoying the rains here. Oh, wonderful climate and the sound of rain falling make my heart sing song of praise and thanks to the Lord. 
Gratitudes to Br. dinesh and Nelson for taking all the troubles to bring us safe to the friary.
Tomorrow we start the meeting of all Provincials of 4 Orders.....It is our second meeting and it is going to be interesting one. We have some issues to discuss especially about SFO

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


With trust everything is fine and smooth. Trust in each other leads one to contribute and share his gifts. A family where there is trust between the spouses that family enjoys all peace and happiness. The couples are most vibrant and radiate a lot of energy because of the trust that they enjoy. It is same in a religious fraternity, which is founded on trust, grows and witnesses Christ more vibrantly. Trust in a fraternity allows it to be fortified and strong. If there is trust then the fraternal bond and unity is but natural. It reinforces the brotherhood and the brother. Any place for doubt and suspicion can break and destabilize the fraternity. In a fraternity every day is not a Sunday and sunshine, there are moments of misunderstanding and conflict, problems and difficulties. In these moments trusting and confiding in each other is the big instrument. If not then it grows to be bigger each day. Let us do away our doubts and suspicion, replace it with trust and faith in each other. This will motivate the brothers to give their best and share their talents and gifts for the growth of the Order.