Wednesday, August 27, 2014


With trust everything is fine and smooth. Trust in each other leads one to contribute and share his gifts. A family where there is trust between the spouses that family enjoys all peace and happiness. The couples are most vibrant and radiate a lot of energy because of the trust that they enjoy. It is same in a religious fraternity, which is founded on trust, grows and witnesses Christ more vibrantly. Trust in a fraternity allows it to be fortified and strong. If there is trust then the fraternal bond and unity is but natural. It reinforces the brotherhood and the brother. Any place for doubt and suspicion can break and destabilize the fraternity. In a fraternity every day is not a Sunday and sunshine, there are moments of misunderstanding and conflict, problems and difficulties. In these moments trusting and confiding in each other is the big instrument. If not then it grows to be bigger each day. Let us do away our doubts and suspicion, replace it with trust and faith in each other. This will motivate the brothers to give their best and share their talents and gifts for the growth of the Order. 

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