Thursday, August 28, 2014

Arrival of the CCMSI Provincials and Provincials of Conference of all the Franciscans, GOA

Today its raining cats and dogs in Goa. Many Provincials arriving by train and air had to face the wrath of torrential rains here. Some of them were stuck on the road for more than three hours in the traffic due to heavy rains. I along with Br. John, provincial of TOR were waiting at the airport from more than one hour waiting for the friars to pick up. They could not reach on time as the traffic was increasing due to heavy continuous showers. Finally Br. Dinesh, Provincial of Goa, telephoned to Br. Nelson, the vicar provincial from Padre Pio to pick us up from the airport. We took almost two hours to reach Navelim. We are going to stay here for the night and leave early morning to Monte de Guirim where the meeting will be held. 
I am enjoying the rains here. Oh, wonderful climate and the sound of rain falling make my heart sing song of praise and thanks to the Lord. 
Gratitudes to Br. dinesh and Nelson for taking all the troubles to bring us safe to the friary.
Tomorrow we start the meeting of all Provincials of 4 Orders.....It is our second meeting and it is going to be interesting one. We have some issues to discuss especially about SFO
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