Thursday, August 28, 2014

Conference Meeting of All Franciscan Major Superiors on 29th August 2014, Goa

 The provincials of the Franciscan families listen to the opening talk

·      Began with a hymn and prayer by Br. Babu, executive secretary
·      Lightning of the traditional Indian Lamp by the dignitaries
·      Welcome by Br. Dolphy, president of Conference
·      Welcome by Br. Dinesh, provincial minister of Goa
·      Br. Michael read out emails written by International spiritual assistant regarding Albert Francis, National Minister of India.
·      Dues to be paid to Rome is about 9000 Euros
·      What is the role, responsibility and relationship of the conference with National OFS?
·      Some directives are needed from the conference of the general ministers

     Dr. Jerry Joseph, National Formator to OFS for 10 months. He spoke about the need of more formation of OFS. He is professionally a doctor working for Palliative department in a hospital. He also does a lot of social work and visiting poor people who are sick.
·      Many are not aware of the rule, constitutions, Bible and spirituality of OFS
·      Forming the formator is to be organized
·      As Christians, Catholics and Franciscans, what are we presenting to them….need to discover Gospel as first form of Formation
·      18,000 members most of them are seniors
·      time bound formation and not knowledge bound formation
·      National spiritual assistants need to study the rule and constitutions of OFS
·      Regular participation in formation of OFS by the national and International spiritual assistant
·      Present Francis what he is and not what I want him to be
·      Formation of the formators should take place every six month which is practice, faith bound.
·      Group discussion on the talk delivered by Jerry Joseph
·      The formation of the spiritual assistants in India. 
 Group discussion on the talk of Dr. Jerry on the theme of Formation
 The provincials listening to one another

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