Friday, February 28, 2014

Get together after the elections

The joy of having elected a new team continued right through the day. The brothers were happy with the results and team. A special evening get together was planned out to honor and celebrate the joy with the new team. What a lovely and typical Keralaite food. Oh, it was really a celebration of our Brotherhood. Friars singing and dancing. Cracking jokes and acting out some funny incidents in the life of the friars. At the end Tombola was played. I was one of the luckiest to win a chocolate!
 The friars all enjoying dinner in the `garden. The friars sang and danced, joked and acted funny incidents from the life of the friars
 Grill!!!!Pork and chicken!!!!the whole area was smelling of grill....oh what a taste....lovely preparations..all by friars
 The friars playing a game altogether.

 The photo session of all the delegates of the chapter
 Another game!!!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Provincial team elected in st. Thomas



Elected: 27/02/2014

A reflection for and before Election by the Liturgical Committee
select and elect a person
who know the power and the purpose of the chair
who has a vision about the mission
who is active and creative
who is broad and bold and has a hold
who stern than stubborn in decision
who courage to encourage
who can guide us than ride us
who has nobility than ability
who is charismatic than diplomatic
above all who is ready to please God than men
because the scriptures say, "When the righteous are in authority, people rejoice; but when the wicked rue, people groan" Prov 29.2

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Afternoon Session

The afternoon session dealt with the agenda. We began in the afternoon at 2.30pm. Kerala is getting warmer and warmer. They are expecting some showers but not yet! It makes the weather very warm and unbearable heat. The chapter hall has only fans and they are sufficient to cool the temperatures down. The discussion on the agenda was not at all affected by the heat. They were not heated arguments but very cordial and fraternal ones. The friars are very understanding and respect one another.
Prayer Life and Liturgical Celebrations
 Ways and means to deepen and to be more regular in our everyday community prayers. 

Liturgical Hours more creative without losing our identity 
The importance that we give to our various priestly ministries should not be in any way detrimental to our prayer life (i.e. our personal prayer, community prayer, monthly recollection, annual retreat, interior silence, etc.).

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The morning session of the Chapter

The Custos of Malawi presenting his report
 The delegates listen very attentively
 They are getting ready to ask him some questions on the growth of the custody
 Provincial Minister presenting his report

 The economo is presenting his report.
he capitulars gathered for the Morning prayer at 6am followed by the mass and during the Mass i delivered my key note address. Of course it was spiritual as well as fraternal, The message was based on the call to live true brothers in order to give a witness to a broken world. 
The morning session began at 8.45am with a prayer and roll call. After that the moderator invited the Provincial minister to present his report. After the report there was discussion and clarifications were sought. Br. Raphy presented a comphrensive and inclusive report. it was transparent like a crystal glass. there were not many questions from the chapter delegates.
The Malwai custody report was presented by its newly elected custos. He gave in a nutshell and in birds eye view the entire report including the life and activities of the friars.
Next came the financial report by the economy who did a wonderful job giving the picture of the financial situation of the province. He presented in such a clear way that the friars had not questions to ask him and the report was passed with some minor changes in the figure and names.

 The various secretaries for the chapter, doing their work of minuting and drafting. Good guys!

Inaugural Mass for the chapter and Silver Jubilee of Capuchin Profession, Aluva, Kerala

A Beautiful Altar with outstanding backdrop for the Jubilee and inaugural Mass for V Elective Chapter. The Friars began to arrive by 5pm and they were treated with High tea. At sharp 6pm we began the syro Malabar Mass which is pretty long on festive occasion. The whole mass is sung so it takes more than one hour. The three jubilarians concelebrated the mass and a thought provoking and inspiring homily was preached by a friar doing his doctorate in Philosophy.
 Friars Davis P, Davis V and Peter P. concelebrating the Holy Kurbana

Sunday, February 23, 2014

On Way to St. Thomas, Kerla

It was a good experience to be with our brothers in North India. Young friars with a lot of energy and synergy too. The experience of encountering with them was great. They do exhibit the great capuchin Charism in their talk and dealings. Most of these young friars were formed in the KGM and some of them in the Province itself. The Province is vast and comprising of many tribes as well as friars from Karnataka. The capacity that these friars have is tremendous and are capable of doing a lot of apostolate and missionary work. They have different type of ministries in the province. The major apostolate is that of the school which is well organized and carried out. They have all their formation houses except the Philosophy which is carried out in Andhra Pradesh. The Theologians go to the diocesan seminary of St. Albert where one of their friars is the Rector for last 5 years.
Now I am on my way to St. Thomas Province Kerala where the elective provincial chapter will be celebrated. The Provincial Br. Raphie is our Conference president and he is serving the province for last three years. The Province has Malawi as their mission. It is a young province bifurcated from St. Joseph. The province has many young friars and capable too.
Let us all pray that they have a good celebration of the chapter. May our father and founder intercede for them to have a celebration of brotherhood.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Blessing and Inauguration of Novitiate

 Bishop Binay is welcomed in the refectory

A large number of religious sisters were present for the blessing of the novitiate. There were around 500 faithful gathered to witness the ceremony.

 I am reading out the decree of the Novitiate House

Bishop Binay Kandulna of Khunti Diocese, North India, blessing the new Novitiate along with Provincial Minister, Br Dominic, Provincial of Kristjyoti, Br. Prasad, Rector of St. Albert Seminary and me
 The Eucharistic celebration with a wonderful choir of the capuchin brothers who sang angelic voices

Friday, February 21, 2014

Novitiate Building at Ranchi

The Province is getting ready for the blessing and inauguration of the Novitiate House. The house is far away from the city amidst forest and surrounded by small river. around 3km there is a catholic village which has got around 600 catholics. The place is also known for some Naxalites who have been active since many years. When the construction work began they did trouble our friars and the contractor. once they came to know that there is going to be a spiritual place, they stopped harassing them. Normally they demand huge amount of money with the force of guns. They are now friendly and supportive too. 
The friars have purchased about three acres of land for the purpose of the Novitiate and Garden purpose too. They have lot of water, they drilled two bore wells and got good source of water. From 23rd onwards a new fraternity will start living in this new house till the postulants and would be novices arrive by beginning of April.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Two Provincial Chapters celebrated in the Order during this week

One Chapter in the Conference of Italy. This chapter was celebrated in the Provincia di Salerno on the 19th Feb. 2014 and the following were elected in the presence of Br. Raffael, the councilor general
Sono stati eletti oggi, il 19 febbraio 2014 :

Ministro provinciale:               fr. Angelo Di Vita (confermato)
Vicario provinciale:                 fr. Antonio Tomay
Secondo Consigliere:               fr. Salvatore Mancino
Terzo Consigliere:                   fr. Aniello Scaramella
Quarto Consigliere:                 fr. Valentino Incampo

Place: Cava de' Tirreni

The second chapter celebrated during this week was in the Provincia del Peru and the new team was elected on 19th Feb. 2014. The following brothers were elected: The president of the Chapter was Br. Stefan

Ministro provinciale:               fr. José Antonio Alarcón Gómez(confermato)
Vicario provinciale:                 fr. Piero Erick Véliz Valencia
Secondo Consigliere:               fr. Hugo Gonzalo Cateriano Villasante
Terzo Consigliere:                   fr. Paul Martín Torres Zegarra
Quarto Consigliere:                 fr. Adolfo Emilio Huanca Castro

Place: Fraternidad “Padre Santo” de Ñaña,  Lima

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ranchi, Capital of Jharkhand

Around 8 years ago a new state was created in North India called Jharkhand and Ranchi as its capital. It is economically still backward but slowly picking up fast ever since it achieved its statehood. Here in the state the presence of Catholics is quite big and strong too, The many religious and dioceses have education, social and medical services. Ranchi has got a Cardinal Toppo. The missionaries have done a lot of work here. The local clergy and religious are numerous. Today in this part of north India many vocations are promoted by various religious congregation. Our capuchins have a Theologate and now a Novitiate house which will be blessed and inaugurated on 22nd Feb.
I reached here yesterday evening and was welcomed by the provincial minister and rector of the seminary. They have 8 young Theologians who study in St. Albert-s regional Theologate, It is one of the biggest seminaries in Indian and has a Capuchin as Rector Br. Prasad Pinto, ex-provincial Minister of St. Fidelis Province.
It is cold here since December but last week onwards it is more as it rained last week.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Ranchi Catholic Archdiocese (Latin: Archidioecesis Ranchiensis), with roots of activities tracing to more than 150 years, currently comprises the districts of Ranchi and Lohardaga of Jharkhand state,India. It was established by a decree of the Holy See, dated 25 May 1927, when it was separated from the Calcutta Archdiocese to form a new Diocese, with its Episcopal seat at Ranchi. In 1953 it was elevated to be an archdiocese. As declared on its website, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Ranchi "subscribes to ahimsa and satyagraha".
The first Belgian Jesuit to enter Chotanagpur was Fr Auguste Stockman. He traveled by bullock cart from Midnapur and after a difficult journey of a fortnight reached Chaibasa on November 25, 1868. His work among the Ho tribe did not yield results, so he moved towards Ranchi district in January 1875.
Other Belgian Jesuits came to Ranchi in 1877 to act as military chaplains to the troops at Doranda (Ranchi). As the prospects of evangelization among the tribals of Chotanagpur were bright, the first mission stations were opened among the Mundas. However, the real impetus came from Fr Constant Lievens, who arrived at Doranda on March 18, 1885. He is often called the Apostle of Chotanagpur. He left Ranchi on August 26, 1892, a broken man. He died at Leuven in Belgium on November 7, 1893. A century later on November 7, 1993 his mortal remains were re-interred in the Ranchi Cathedral. His Cause for Beatification was officially inaugurated at Moorslede, in the Diocese of Brugge (Belgium) on March 15, 2001.
To assist the Missionaries, the Loreto Sisters from Ireland opened a Convent in the red Lodge on Purulia Road, Ranchi, in March 1890. It was here that the Daughters of St. Anne, a Diocesan Congregation, had their beginning in 1897. The Ursuline Sisters of Tildonk, Belgium established themselves in the same compound on January 13, 1903.
By 1927 the Ranchi Mission had developed to such an extent that by decree of the Holy See, dated May 25, 1927, it was separated from the Calcutta Archdiocese to form a new Diocese with Ranchi as its Episcopal seat and Msgr. Louis Van Hoeck, sj, as the first bishop. He was succeeded by Rt. Rev. O. Sevrin, sj, in1934, who was pastor for 18 years (1934 - 1952).
As the faith spread and took firm root in Chotanagpur, the Catholic Church was being built up and developed, especially through parishes and schools. Soon the rapid growth of the mission made it imperative to call in other labourers, the S.V.D. Fathers, the Australian and American Jesuits.
For better pastoral care of the faithful, the vast Archdiocese of Ranchi was divided and on June 14, 1951, the Diocese of Sambalpur gave birth to Rourkela Diocese on July 4, 1979 and Ambikapur became a separate diocese on December 14, 1977. On September 19, 1953, the Diocese of Ranchi was raised to the status of an Archdiocese with Sambalpur and Cuttack as its suffargans. On July 2, 1962, the Diocese of Jamshedpur was created. Then in 1968, the Diocese of Patna and Bhagalpur and the Prefecture of Balasore were made suffragans of Ranchi Archdiocese. Again on June 5, 1971 the Diocese of Daltonganj, comprising the civil districts of Hazaribagh (which itself became a diocese on May 12, 1995), and Palamau was carved out of the Archdiocese of Ranchi. In 1980, Muzaffarpur Diocese was formed from a part of Patna Diocese and made suffragan of Ranchi.
The Andamans and Nicobar Islands, became part of Ranchi in 1947, and were since 1966 under the care of the Pilar Fathers, and became a new Diocese on June 26, 1984.
On July 1, 1993, two new Dioceses, Gumla and Simdega, were established with territories taken from the Ranchi Archdiocese. On May 12, 1995 the new Diocese of Khunti was established with territories taken from the Archdiocese of Ranchi. It comprises the whole Khunti civil Sub-division. In 1998 two more new Dioceses were created, North of the Ganges, and made suffragans of Ranchi, Bettiah and Purnea.
Thus the original Ranchi Diocese divided into 14 Dioceses including the present Archdiocese of Ranchi. On March 16, 1999 the Ranchi Ecclesiastical Province was bifurcated in anticipation of the creation of Jharkhand. Patna, Capital of Bihar, became an Archdiocese with four suffragans: Bettiah, Bhagalpur, Muzaffarpur and Purnea.[1]

Monday, February 17, 2014

Rome to New Delhi

From cold to warm weather! Yesterday i left Rome around 12pm from the curia with br. Damien who drove me to the airport. He always does it with a billion dollar smile. I reached to the check in counter and the people at the desk were too good as they told me that upgrade has been awarded to me. Just imagine from Ordinary to extraordinary and that too a double decker airbus 380. What a comfort and richness on board, i felt a little humiliated as my capuchin heart did not appreciate it but anyways i enjoyed it. Before boarding the flight there was a delay of two hours because of some technical problems. The pilot sensed it while taking it on the runway. He acted smart and brought back to taxi. It took two hours to rectify the matter but at the end everything went on well.
Reached Dubai not on scheduled time but late. I did not have problems as my connecting flight was about 4.30am to Delhi. I directly headed to lounge and rested there for about three hours. It did immense good to me as i was fresh on Delhi flight which lasted three hours.
This morning at 9am i reached Delhi airport and waiting for the next flight to Ranchi. I have about 5 hours wait but am enjoying as the airport is one of the best and finest one in India and of International standard. I doing window shopping here.