Friday, February 28, 2014

Get together after the elections

The joy of having elected a new team continued right through the day. The brothers were happy with the results and team. A special evening get together was planned out to honor and celebrate the joy with the new team. What a lovely and typical Keralaite food. Oh, it was really a celebration of our Brotherhood. Friars singing and dancing. Cracking jokes and acting out some funny incidents in the life of the friars. At the end Tombola was played. I was one of the luckiest to win a chocolate!
 The friars all enjoying dinner in the `garden. The friars sang and danced, joked and acted funny incidents from the life of the friars
 Grill!!!!Pork and chicken!!!!the whole area was smelling of grill....oh what a taste....lovely preparations..all by friars
 The friars playing a game altogether.

 The photo session of all the delegates of the chapter
 Another game!!!!

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