Saturday, June 29, 2013

Last Day of the Meeting

Oh the Final day which many participants did not want to arrive. You can imagine why. The participants expressed their satisfaction about the meeting. All of  have expressed their positive experiences about the talks and discussion. Many gave suggestions for the next years meeting. The participants said that they are going back with sack full of experience of the Capuchin Brotherhood. Many expressed that this meeting could be a little longer than week. The food was so good that many felt that it helped them to work five to six hours a day. The Liturgy and prayers were well organised and participated. The high point was the meditation in the morning and evening which helped the participants to give their best for the meeting. The translators were especially thanked for their wonderful and meticulous job done. The general secretary and staff received accolades for their beautifully organising the meeting. The General Minister and definitors received appreciation for their presence with the participants throughout the week. The time that General Minister offered for the Provincials to have a private encounter and sharing with them was well appreciated.

Sent out to Animate the Friars

After 6 days of animation the new provincials are sent out to animate their respective jurisdictions. The animation by the General Definitory and others was well appreciated and accepted by all the new Provincials. They all left for their respective countries except few of them who are still in College meeting and visiting their friars in the college. Their feed back has encouraged the General definitory to plan out much better for the next year. Their appreciation has boosted the moral of each one of us. I am sure that these kinds of animation programs are instruments in keeping our Capuchin charism alive. The Provincials with so much of experience in a week will go to animate the brothers well in a fraternal manner. Pray for all of them so that they may be good animators of the provinces. May Sts. Peter and Paul intercede for all of them.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Afternoon of Economy and Sanctity

This afternoon we had Br. Luis, General Economo who presented various the picture of how the economic solidarity works at the General Curia Level. He informed how the Provincials need to request for financial help and when they need to send. He also mentioned about some provincials who do not comply with the regulation of the Economic solidarity. He has implemented a decision of the General Definitory to have an inventory of all the friaries in the Order. Each Province will receive a format in which there are many details which are to be filled by the Provincial giving all the informations. 
After this Br. Carlo, the general postulator who is responsible for the causes of the saints. He presented his paper in which how a process begins and what are the things and facts required in order to initiate a process. Thank God we have at the moment 85 causes in hand. Let us pray that soon we may have more saints in the Order.

New General Definitor

Ever since the resignation of Br. Ceasar from Philippines the number of Definitors had been reduced to eight. During our June meeting he offered resignation which was accepted by the Definitory and asked the same conference to propose names for the post. The conference sent names and the General definitory on 27th June nominatedBr. Victorius was, until now, Provincial Minister of Pontianak, Indonesia. The General minister made the announcement in the Refectory of the International college in the presence of the new Provincials and students. Br. Victorius was congratulated and wishes for his new assignment. He is young and energetic, has a lot of experience of animation, Let us promise him our prayers and best regards for the animation of the Order and his conference. 

5th Day of the Meeting

This morning after the morning prayer and Mass the friars were back to the Hall for the session. The Mass was celebrated by Fr. Dolphy, Provincial of Karnataka, in his homily he spoke on the Gospel and st. Ireneus. The morning session was led by Fr. Alexandro, promoter of solidarity and secretary of soldiery Fr. Mark D'Souza. They presented facts and figures about the receiving and distribution of the Funds in the Order. The promoter requested the provincials to contribute more towards the commission so that the needy provinces and missions could be sustained. The power point presentation was well appreciated by the participants. Thanks brother for informative presentation.
Then we had presentation from Br. Helmut, who was responsible for the office of Mission. He presented the history of the Mission in the Order. He presented a birds eye view of the various missions in the Order. He concluded with a small spiritual talk on formation for Mission. Br. Helmut has been replaced by Br. Hugo, one of the General definitions. 

4th Day Afternoon

The morning session got over with the input session conducted by Br. Michael Fernandes, Definitor on the Mid term report. He highlighted the purpose and aim, the goal and strategies of the Mid term report. He gave various reasons for the mid term which is the constitutional requirement in the Order.
In the afternoon the New Provincial along with the General definitory visited the College, where they visited the Library, Museum and the General Archives. It was a learning experience for all the participants while visiting these historical and significant places of the Order. The high Eucharistic celebration was presided by the Vicar Provincial with a beautiful message which was translated. The Dinner in the College was hosted by the Fraternity. The participants returned to Frascati around 10.30pm. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

4th Day of the New Provincial Meet

A cold morning! It rained yesterday so there is a change in the climate. This morning the friars gathered together to thank the Lord for the blessing of good rest. We prayed our morning prayer followed by breakfast. Today the Formation council presented a paper on various aspects of the Formation, they presented challenges and hopes of the future for Formation in the Order. Br. Charles, Br. Jaime and Br. Sergio, General Definitor did a good job by making known to the participants the various facets of Formation. The participants divided into groups went to discuss the various question regarding the formation.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sessions on Important Topics

This afternoon was dedicated to two important and interesting themes in the Order. The first in put session was presented by Fr. Raffaele, General Definitor on the New Constitutions of the Order. He presented some of the changes in nutshell which were very interesting to know. After his presentation many clarifications were sought by the participants like when will the new constitutions be ready? When will the translations will done? When shall we start using the new expressions adopted in the new Constitutions? All the questions were answered by General Minister who said that the text of the New Constitutions is presented and we hope to receive a green signal very soon from the Vatican. Once we have the approval of the Holy See it would be communicated to the entire Order.
The second in put session was presented by Fr. Hugo, General Minister on the Fraternal Collaboration in the Order. He gave background to the change of the document that was effected during the last general chapter. He explained and gave reasons for the various changes that are brought about in the document of Fraternal collaboration.

Third Day of the meeting

The third day began thanking and praising The Lord with Psalms and meditation in the beautiful chapel of Frascati Friary. Today is an important day as the participants would receive a sea of wealth on the theme of Governance of a jurisdiction, some cases of a juridical nature faced by ministers in their own jurisdictions in relation to the General curia. Fr. Vincenzo began exposing the theme with wonderful experience of almost 20 years in the general curia in the canonical field. He explained many areas of governance varying from dismissal to exclaustration, scandals to rectification or regularising the condition of irregular religious. He explained many procedures in many diverse cases. The Participants will definitely have a number of questions for Fr. Vincenzo.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Afternoon Session

The afternoon session was dedicated to consecrated Life which was treated by the General Minister. There were many questions asked by the participants which were valid and significant. Many of the provinces do have problems and abuse cases. They sought answers and solutions for the problems. It was a wonderful interaction between the participants. Then we had talks from the friars responsible for the Clarists and Capuchin sisters, and also the SFO and its working. Both the friars did a wonderful job by providing good information. God bless their ministry

The second day of the Meeting

The second day began with morning prayer and meditation conducted by the Liturgy commission. Before the breakfast the ministers along with the General Definitors for a photo session. We gathered together in the Hall where the General secretary made some useful announcements. The days speaker was Fr. Pio Murat General definitor who presented a paper on Authority, obedience and pastoral problems. A well presented paper in French with simultaneous translations. After which the assembly went into discussion in groups.
Today there will be four presentations on various themes. We will keep you updated.

The Meeting continues

The First day of the meeting got over around 7pm with three input sessions by various speakers. Fr. Paulo Martinelli presented a paper on the working of the Franciscan Institute of spirituality. He gave a history with many facets of the Institute. He also spoke about the various programs and symposium organised by the institute. He did all this through a power point presentation which was appreciated by the participants. Then the Rector of the International College Fr. Isidore presented a paper on the working of the International college. He gave the history, the admission process in the college, the statistics and the fraternity of the College. It was an interesting and informative presentation. After this Fr. Clayton the General Secretary presented the working of the General Curia, he presented he various offices and friars heading these offices. He also spoke what one needs to do in order to correspond with the curia. He did a good job by presenting various information. Fr. Marek in charge of the office of communication in Curia. He through the power point presented how this office works in the curia, He requested the provincials to update their various sites and send regular information to the office of communication. The day ended with a song to Mother Mary, followed by evening prayer and dinner.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Called to Inspire - new provincial Ministers meet

By Saturday most of the new Provincial Minister from all over the world to College and other General Houses in the City. They have come to Rome in order to be animated so that going back they will animate their respective provinces. On Sunday evening arrived in Frascati and straight away we begun with evening prayer and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. It was well conducted by the Liturgical commission. The evening supper was a moment of our capuchin Brotherhood. This morning we began again with the morning prayer and meditation. The atmosphere here is so very conducive for prayer and meditation. It is not hot but pleasant. This morning we officially inaugurated with some communications given by the General Secretary. After which the General Minister welcomed the participants with fraternal word. He said that he was contented to have all the ministers. This week is going to be formation and information. To help all the ministers to animate the provinces.
The entire program is organised well and the whole week is going to be a fraternal week and week of sharing of different ways and means of animation. We request you to pray for all of us so that we are able to listen to one another and guide the brothers for the service that they have been assigned to animate the friars.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Curia for a Day out

What a wonderful day! The curia members went out for a picnic and to be together. It was wonderful being together. We started in the morning around 9am with a bus to a Place called Anagni Province of Frosinone. An historical place of the Popes and the Catholic Church. We visited the Cathedral and the palace of the Popes. The instructions and informations that were shared with us were very interesting. We had lunch together and after which we went to visit the Capuchins in Fiuggi Terme. The old Friary which was the novitiate for the Roman Province, today it is a farm and also a hotel. One Friar Mario Fuca has developed the place beautifully, he has a museum and some interesting things which are attracting tourists. We spent quite some time with him. We returned to the Curia by 8pm for the supper. Tomorrow we begin the New Provincials meet and we have to leave for Frascati.



Friday, June 21, 2013

The End of definitory Meeting and the Local Chapter

The Definitorial meeting got over on Friday afternoon with sharing among the definitors and the General minister on various issues, points and the experience of ten months of service to the Order. It was again a moment to be cherished as all of us came out with wonderful suggestions and a lot of positive orientation for the future of service to the Order.
As usual at the end of the General definitorial meeting the fraternity celebrates a local chapter to organise and discuss our fraternal and ministry. This time it was slightly different from the normal practice. The general minister presented his lates circular on Faith to the Order. After which we divided ourselves into four groups and went into group discussion with two question concerning our faith experience. The group discussion was so fruitful and rich that many friars requested that we do this every time. We gathered once again to hear the sharing from each group which was presented by one friar from the group. Infact it was great indeed. 
After this sharing the General Minister made few announcements of the decisions taken in the definitorial meeting. The Guardian had few important and useful announcements for the good of the Fraternity. He announced the place and time for our annual outing of the fraternity tomorrow.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Curia Officials listening to one another

Meeting with Curia Officials

This morning at 9 am we started our meeting with the curia officials who are friars working in various departments. This meeting is a requirement according to the statutes of the General Cuia. It was sharing of experiences and Ideas,  woes and worries, ups and downs, needs and expectations, desires and dreams. All the friars took time to share in details not just an obligation but to better the functioning of the general curia. It was an atmosphere of fraternal bond and trust each one shared what one felt about the work one does. The desires expressed were all human and just in order to live a wonderful Capuchin Brotherhood. One could sense and feel that the sharing was genunie and sincere as it emerged from the desire to live in peace and tranqulity. The sharing ranged from fraternal bond to sharing of oes expertise, from ones wisdom to ones capacity to comphrend and understand each other. The sharing was rich and solid in its content. The meeting lasted for about two hours but listening to one another old and young friars was something we will cherish for the entire year to come. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

General council meeting

All the definitors returned by Saturday to be ready for two weeks of council meeting. We began the meeting on Monday morning with 111 points on the agenda, many more expected to arrive during the course of the meeting. There various issues to be treated major among them are the request for convoking provincial chapters in 2014. We also have many midterm reports which takes most of our times as they have to be presented by the area definitor and then another definitor makes his observation. It takes pretty much time. we have a wonderful climate and spirit of brotherhood and sharing. The meeting is also coupled with the new provincials meeting which will be held at Frascati. It is an annual feature where all the General Definitors and some officials from Curia participate. It is an encounter of the provincials who are animated in order to animate their respective provinces. It is well organised and prepared meeting by the General Secretary. It is first experience for Br. Clayton Fernandes, but he will do well as he began preparing well in advance. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

College Day at Sam Lorenzo, Rome

Every year all wait for this day with a lot of expectations and excitment. It is the closing day of the academic year. We celebrated this day with capuchin vigour and enthusiam. The evening High Mass celebrated by the General Minister with a strong message to the students with examples from the life of San Lorenzo. There were students, professors, friends and benefactors for the Mass. The choir sang beautiful hymns which helped all the participants to pray well.
After the Mass all gathered in the Piazza infront of the College. Each National group prepares food. There were about 20 counters with variety of dishes. Every counter was crowed with friars and friends to taste the delicacies of each nation. 
After the food the friars, Nuns and friends shook their legs a little bit with music from the globe. Oh, wonderful dances and moves, shakes by old and young. Good feast and celebration indeed!