Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meeting with Curia Officials

This morning at 9 am we started our meeting with the curia officials who are friars working in various departments. This meeting is a requirement according to the statutes of the General Cuia. It was sharing of experiences and Ideas,  woes and worries, ups and downs, needs and expectations, desires and dreams. All the friars took time to share in details not just an obligation but to better the functioning of the general curia. It was an atmosphere of fraternal bond and trust each one shared what one felt about the work one does. The desires expressed were all human and just in order to live a wonderful Capuchin Brotherhood. One could sense and feel that the sharing was genunie and sincere as it emerged from the desire to live in peace and tranqulity. The sharing ranged from fraternal bond to sharing of oes expertise, from ones wisdom to ones capacity to comphrend and understand each other. The sharing was rich and solid in its content. The meeting lasted for about two hours but listening to one another old and young friars was something we will cherish for the entire year to come. 

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