Monday, October 30, 2017

Devotion to Holy Rosary

Today we are concluding the month of Rosary....many parishes and communities have been faithful to praying Rosary either in the morning for Evening....Many have started community celebrations like procession with the Image of Mother Mary....dinner or snacks are sponsored by some well to do families as a pledge or vow made to Mother Mary for having granted the intercessions. Mary has taught her children to treasure the words of her son in the hearts and ponder over them to live a committed and good christian life. To take all the experiences that we receive in our day today life. In all these experiences what is important is to listen to the Lord...deep listening like Mother Mary....
To discover God in our lives being faithful to him in all the areas and situations of our life. we need to learn all that from Mother Mary, how to be a human be a mother and father, brother and recognize in each other the tenderness of God...
 Mother Mary is inviting us as her children to sow hope in these days of hopelessness .....In silence we need to bear all the crosses in life because there is hope in everything....there will be victory....and the crown that will adorn us...
 Mary teaches us to offer a mothers and fathers warmth to all those in troubles, not allowing anyone to lose hope and be loving and tender....if we are human we will be tender and loving without doubt....but it has to be accompanied with humility.....with humility everyone is equal and same....we treat all in the same measure..
she is inviting us to walk the path of fidelity to God, which will make is strong, will fill us with grace to fight individualism and egoism, to be open and not indifferent to any one....Today in our society what we lack is persons who are real humans.....that is why society is merciless and no the slightest provocation one is ready to kill the destroy the image of God...

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Franciscan Ecology and the responsibility of his Sons Today

World was divided into two. God's world was spiritual world. Man's world was material world. In Christianity God breaks Himself to save the World. We must preserve and take care of the world that is assigned duty of each one of us. God is present everywhere. Universe itself is sacramental because it is filled with God's presence. Many tribals follow pantheism because they say God is in everything but we do not followed this teaching because we have Monotheism. We must realize ourselves that God manifests himself in the nature. In history nature is considered as God's book. Many have contemplated on the creation of God. If we want to have the message of God then we need to go to Nature. Woods and nature will teach u what u won't learn from master says St. Bernard. When I struggled in prayer it is in contemplation of nature brought me back to God says, 'Teresa of Avila. Noah's ark was natural wonder. Man was asked by God to till the ground and keep it but he wanted to be just master of everything. -Man was given the dominion over the earth-Man can't be the Master of all for all time.

 Though man became the crown of earth so also he became curse of creation. Placing Man at the centre of the universe and placing God out of the universe was the biggest mistake. Now world is no longer garden but just a simple place and no more he can dominate the creation and now creation is giving it back to man. There is also division of subject and object. Man makes this division for his gain, he wants to control everything. Everything is given the Base of science and therefore the beauty of creation is lost. All the creation has mechanical terms exa: water has become H2o. On the basis of sickness also we have divisions mental sickness and physical sickness. Now world works with the mechanical laws. The image of the earth was Mother. But now we don't have that ecological attitude towards earth therefore we are destroying it. Our attitude is changed therefore we do not consider creation as God's creation.

Attitude of Jesus. At his death there was reaction from the Earth. Jesus was not away from creation, he used wine and branches as examples to teach his listeners. Christ was cosmic and he cared for nature. Christ fills the entire universe with his power. He is the image of the unseen God and first born of the Creation.

Francis and Nature. Love the nature and protect the nature. Francis prayed with nature and prayed for nature. Ecology is just not about the nature but it is also about the Human Beings. Mahatma Gandhi says, "Live simply so that others may simply live". Even our constitution tells us to care for the creation. We need a deep change in our attitude. Even Pope Francis speaks about shame issue. World is nothing but the part of my life, this should be our attitude. Eco means home and we all need to understand it that we need each and everything to survive. (Talk from Retreat Preacher Fr. Shilendra)

Saturday, October 28, 2017

We are all invited to Love and One and All!!!!!

Life tells and demands that we make some decisions in favor of enhancing it. It can be enhanced when we love those who are also human by making some significant sacrifices. In loving others especially our friends we don't have to keep record of the cost and sacrifices that we make for the Love to be Loved. Love should be the top priority of our human life. To love this love, life may take you beyond your comfortable may call you to walk distances to the unknown paths and places. 

Jesus gives us a command which the Church and Christians have always tried to follow.....we have paid for it and we have had many martyrs who executed the command to its fullest. Law is meant to be put into practice and it is for the good of the others...To Love God we have to keep our hearts and minds open....we find people always in need of love which could be given without any cost. The heart of our relationship with Jesus and others is based on Love.

 In sending them out, Jesus assures them that "whoever welcomes you, welcomes me" (Matthew 10:40). Matthew later sums up Jesus' teachings (which is the Gospel reading for the upcoming feast of Christ the King observed on the last Sunday of this liturgical cycle). This fitting conclusion to the liturgical year has the Lord declare: "Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me" (Matthew 25:40). Our intimacy with the Lord will be based 

We are commanded to treat others with compassion because our loving God is merciful and compassionate toward us, most especially when we are in need. Our God is slow to anger and rich in kindness, not counting our offenses against us. Such loving relationship with God empowers us to call upon God in our need. Jesus and all of Scripture affirm that God hears our cry for help

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Final Day - group presentations-Resolution and recommendation

 The four day meeting of JPIC got over with some recommendation and resolutions....the group took some decisions like starting a yearly magazine, printing of handbook of JPIC for CCMSi.....Bank account.....more animation programs......conscientization of JPIC issues in the provinces and parishes where we work.

 People often raise the question, “Why justice, peace and ecology (integrity of creation) together?” Initially these three words may seem to be an uncomfortable trinity. Yet if one gives sufficient attention to their meaning, we see that together they comprise a beautiful unity. What binds them together is that they all deal with relationships. Peace, justice and integrity of creation all focus on relationality. The central point of JPIC is to help reestablish just relations with God, others and creation. Christ becomes the center: he is our peace, our justice, and the firstborn of all creation.

 Peace is the fruit of good and healthy relationships between persons, communities, nations and creation. Justice reflects well-ordered relationships. Ecology embodies reverential relationships, especially in light of the threats to global ecosystems (e.g. climate change).  JPIC is engaged in building a world that is more just thanks to a preferential option for the poorest and most vulnerable members of society. It is building the Kingdom of God through the proclamation and the living of the Beatitudes

 Following the example of St. Francis we Capuchins strive to establish redeemed relationships. We dedicate ourselves to work wherever we are, with whom ever we live, to bring about this change in relationships as the first priority of our pastoral care for the people and the kingdom of God.  We do this by living and acting in ways that reflect a personal and collective commitment to the transformation of unjust social, economic and political systems which govern our world today.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

3rd Day of JPIC conference of CCMSI

·      Lack of solidarity is the reason for poverty and suffering in the world
·      We need structural change….need to challenge the unjust structured in the society
·      Sharpen the awareness of our duty in solidarity with the poor, to which solidarity leads us. This solidarity means that we make their problems and their struggles our problems and struggles.
·      Solidarity connected to love and justice in many doctrines of the faith
·      CCC refers to solidarity as a law, principal, duty and virtue. It equates solidarity with truth, freedom and justice.
·      This connection between communion and solidarity. Communion gives rise to solidarity and that, it is solidarity that communion finds its practical expression and its fullest and most correct meaning.
·      What is solidarity, it is a firm and persevering determination to commit oneself to the common good, that is to say the good of all and of each individual, because we really all are responsible for all.
·      Resolute commitment in solidarity is essential for economic transformation, that a true conversion of mind, will and heart and a resolute commitment by people in solidarity would be necessary in to transform the unjust.
·      What is our commitment to the extreme poor
·      Reach out projects and strategies
·      Old age pension and elderly need our help
·      Preventive and curative measures for our health. Promotion of safe motherhood and child health