Friday, August 31, 2018

5th Day Morning Mass and Evening Birthday Celebrations for Br. General Minister, Mauro Jhouri

Discussion on the Reports of the ageneral Minister and Economo Generale

 yesterday was a day dedicated to discussing and evaluating the two reports. We all have different groups according to the languages .....
 The group has president and a secretary. The secretary prepares a report to be presented in the Hall.
 after the presentation by the secretaries the general minister and Economo answered some of the questions which were raised by the various groups.
 In the Hall there were few friars who further asked questions and clarofclarific from both
 The general minister takes down some important points to be answered
 the friars during the free time having few moments of relaxation

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The General Minister presented his Report of six Years

 The whole day was dedicated to listening to the report of the general minister.....the report was lengthy but very interesting and informative....
 the friars all listen.....some of them glued to the screen....most of us were following it on the Tab

 General Minister at his best....
 The beautiful Chapter hall...well equipped and furnished