Wednesday, August 1, 2018

He sells all his belongings and buys it

Example in the New Testament of the sale of all its assets to? Buy? Christ Jesus, his one and only treasure, is Paul of Tarsus. In truth he was conquered by Christ. After being conquered, his life has only one goal: to conquer Christ. Help every other man to conquer him. For Christ he has truly sold everything, that is, he has stripped himself of everything that is spiritual and material. Nothing held for itself. Not even his body kept for himself. He made it a gift to Christ the Lord, so that he could manifest himself alive through it.

Our hidden treasure is Christ, his life and his death. We sell to Him our mortal body, He will give us his spiritual body, glorious, incorruptible, immortal. We give it time. He gives us eternity. We give him nothing. He gives us everything. The value of the purchase is not only inestimable, it is also eternal.

The whole world is worthless before the choice of Christ the Lord. Those who choose the world proceed from death to death. Who chooses Christ Jesus advances life in life.
Mother of God, Angels, Saints, let our one and only treasure be Lord Jesus.

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