Saturday, August 11, 2018

Happy Feast of Mother Clare of Assisi

 Clare’s beginning was to choose to leave her “comfortable life” and follow the mendicant life of Francis. Yet, when she approached Francis, he did not see her becoming a mendicant, as were the friars. Could he not envision a new way for women to minister like he and the friars or did he see a greater need for prayer? Personally, I think it was some of both. Clare brought Francis’ vision to another level of spirituality and commitment to the Gospel way of life.

Clare like Francis embraced the three virtues of poverty, chastity and obedience.

St. Clare was rich in the "things that matter to God." She embraced the life God called her to with a joyful and generous heart. We find these witnesses also today in the daughters of St. Clare. What a countercultural example these women give to us and our world today. In a world which strives for fame and fortune, these women give a powerful witness to the Lord Jesus Christ by living a hidden life, by leaving everything to go into the cloister to pray and do penance. 

 Clare teaches us to pray, to be engaged with the world, and to find Gospel or faith responses to today’s issues and problems. She challenges us to “always be conscious of your beginnings” and to live “observing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

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