Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mercy: Makes a person bloom bloom…… become a flower

Who says so and so cannot change and be a better person. why should we put stumbling blocks on someones path so that one doesn't change and become a better person. we are prejudiced about certain people and with that we don't allow the person to change. we are not ready to render a support and allow the person to change. Mercy exactly does this miracle. It allows the person to bloom. For years the persons are made to believe that they are good for nothing. that they are not like others. They are not achievers. They are only meant for certain mean and low work. One is not willing to accept and recognise the persons talents and capabilities. The person is branded for life. For one mistake committed by the person, he is condemned for life. He is not allowed or given a chance to explain himself or herself. 
Mercy is looking into the heart and mind of the person whom everyone considers as good for nothing. Mercy is sending positive vibes towards these persons who are condemned made to feel big sinners. Mercy is like sowing the seeds and then allowing the earth to support the growth of the seeds into the plants. Mercy allows the person to go deep into oneself and rediscover ones lost self. Mercy shown and experienced makes us flowers which are attractive and everyone looks at them. Mercy turns and twists the person from all angles. The person never remains a seed always but becomes a flower, fruit and gives life to others. 

Shall we identify those whom we consider good for nothing. We have not allowed them or given them a chance to change…..shall we touch their hearts and minds with Mercy and allow them to bloom. so many of them are waiting for the touch of Mercy, Waiting anxiously to see the lord of mercy in all of us……

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Visitation of Karnataka Province, India continues....

I started the Pastoral visitation of Holy Trinity Province in Month of December 2015. I visited Mysore and Bangalore area before Christmas and then returned to Rome for Christmas. I am back again to continue the visitation of remaining houses. I start the visitation tomorrow. I am already in Mangalore and will proceed to Ujire where i begin......i shall keep you posted...

Yesterday evening i con-celebrated Mass in Bondel Church in Mangalore.....evening Mass with thousands of faithful.....after a long time participating in a Konkani Mass....the parish priest asked me to read the Gospel in Konkani (Devnagri script) i did it......I visited one of my friends house and stayed over for the night....a retired couple....known since Noviciate.....

State of Karnataka is a place for music, dance, architecture, temples, Churches, Mosques and other famous places.....The state is developed very fast and Bangalore is now world famous for IT hub. Mysore and other cities are catching up with Bangalore....

Friday, January 29, 2016

Mercy brings about a spiritual storm in our lives

Isn't that true. Loving mercy and compassion shown to those in trouble and sin. There is a strong storm that puts everything upside down. The spiritual waves are there to show us a new way and path to walk towards the Lord of Love. The spiritual storm of Mercy, forgiveness and compassion brings hope and joy into ones life. The storm has a great hold over ones life which does not allow him to go back to the old state of life. All human storms or crises leave us helpless but spiritual storm leaves us happy and transformed.....we begin to see and experience things in a new way and perspectives. When we go through physical storms in life like, suffering, financial crisis, loss of beloved one and misunderstanding with loved ones. don't lose hope because spiritual storm brings about mercy and understanding. We just have to allow ourselves to be touched by this storm. The Mercy of the Lord drives us to experience a new world and society, see the same people in a new way. The old things does not matter at all. The old and past hurts are not there when we experience the spiritual storm of Mercy and compassion. The spiritual storm allows us to grow in faith and hope.

In the storm of our life today, where we are indeed lost, we can turn to the Lord who has the power to calm the storm, to quiet the wind.   This Gospel consoles us, invites us to believe that fear can be overcome with faith.   Faith is not merely a magic pill we take when we need it, but rather it is an experience, an encounter with the Lord built throughout the years, over time, over many storms. 

Our lives are dynamic, changing and transforming, and our faith accompanying it, needs also nourishment and spiritual food to help our faith grow.  Do we speak to the Lord regularly in prayer?   Do we partake of the sacraments for spiritual food in a constant fashion for our spiritual growth?  This prepares us for the “storms” of our lives.

Good governance of the Province brings better results

In our religious n priestly life, the power of our superiors is extraordinary n no can deny its importance. It is a positive power that shapes our destiny. A power n authority that goes  miles n miles to build up relationship with God n one another. The power and authority has positive effect on our personality and pastoral n social ministry. It is therefore very important and essential, fraternal and human for those who are in authority to function and relate effectively. It is important to learn the art of power and authority to have a lasting effect on those whom we animate. The leaders or authority must take directions which will help the religious to give their best for the good of the province or order. 
 One of my brothers celebrated 25 years of their wedded life on 27th of this month.....i celebrated Mass for them and joined them for our family get-together....

 my four brothers along with their wives....Me single.....dedicated to the Church and the Capuchin Order

 The entire family with children and grand children.....
 We are five musketeers.......Anthony, Sebastian, Francis, Michael and Peter

The authority must not give an blind eye on those who err repeatedly. Not cover up their often committed and repeated mistakes under the disguise of being human because they never learn from their several mistakes. If complaints are made by sure sources authority should not ignore it but look into the matter. When the authority wants to take a tough action everyone in the province or diocese must support the action towards the approach of the authority. Not to criticise or stop the initiatives for the good of the church, society n the order to which we belong. If the province Or diocese has to fulfill the mandate or promises of better governance and animation, then everyone must be involved in the process. 

Our rule and constitutions provide the authority with the means to make the province and its members  more accountable and transparent, efficient and spirituality. But all has to be practiced and applied otherwise it remains in the books. To illustrate some examples like disobedient Friars, compromise with the vow of chastity, misuse of power of money, non transparency , writing anonymous letters. For all these the authorities must utilize the constitutions n statutes of the province. If it doesn't work the authority must invoke the general Curia with proper facts , figures and documentations. The general Curia will take a decision on the interest of the order n province. It is not a punishment but one must see it as a rectification and correction of certain actions which are not according to our charism and consecration. Sometimes the commissions set for rectifying a matter have to be taken seriously. The commissions do a soul searching job.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

To seek Mercy one must accept ones sinfulness

The Gospel reading presents two parables which communicate good messages to all of us. What does this reading tell us?  That we are all sinners, even the best of us, and in front of the holiness of God, we have nothing to boast of. St. Catherine of Siena once said, “I am nothing plus sin.”  Let no man claim to be holy and righteous without first acknowledging his sinfulness.  In this way we will stay humble and remember our place before God.  If only the most wealthy, the most powerful, the most beautiful and most capable among us would have this attitude, then the world would be a much better place to live in.

Accepting ones condition one enters into a relationship of faith with God. Accepting our weaknesses means we would like to be what our God wants us to be. To know that we are sinners and stand in God's loving support in order to do the things which we are called upon to do. We lose nothing when we accept our lowly condition. It is in here that lies the great seeds of our growth. Being small does not mean we lose everything or we have no power whatsoever. Being small has the potentiality to be great and then everyone would accept us as we are. we become givers to the others.
When we make mistakes and when it comes to acceptance of it, we as human hesitate. we think about the other one, What she or he would think of us, we would lose our position, lose our friends, we would be no more famous and popular as we were in the past. But accepting our own faults and sins we open the doors of mercy and grace to flow in. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mercy: Allows you to express ourselves in a best way

The ones who came to Jesus seeking healing and wholeness were all those who were not allowed by their loved ones to express themselves. They were at the mercy of someone. They could not speak what they were feeling besides being physically sick. They had an inner wound and sickness which some one had to feel, touch and address it. Whether she is woman at the well or the woman caught in adultery. all of them were in need of expressing themselves so that they could be what God had designed them to be. 
In our families and fraternities we could have these men and women. they are waiting for us to open the door of dialogue. they want someone to address to their deepest feelings and wounds. if we don't do it who else will do it. They want to speak out. But sometimes we have no times for all these who really want to speak and be heard. But we have no time for them. In our animation too we are very artificial and just follow the norms and rules. We fail to get to the bottom of the problems. many of our beloved ones wait and wait for a long and then give up as no one wants to understand them for what they are and what they do. The miracles work when we spent quality time with them. I have had these experiences where men and women have come out with problems hidden for years. they have improved and have began to live a good human life. It is only a little patience and time that is needed. once they see that we listen and built of confidence between us, its only a matter of time. the miracle of mercy begins to show up. Many of them due to lack of love and acceptance, understanding and mercy just prefer to be buried under their problems which are not created by them. 

One of my friends father who drank to his death was one of such case. He wanted to be a priest. He spoke about it when he was a child. He attended the church regularly as the church was close by. The priests also encouraged him but being the only son in the family his parents did not allow him. At an early age he was married against his wishes. Some how he accepted his wife. Initially he did not treat her well and the relationship was sour. He narrated her the background. she understood the matter. she also took time to convert and bring him around. she succeeded after four years. The first child was born after five years of marriage which is unusual in our part of the world where child is born in the first year of the marriage. But later on things changed and his thoughts and feeling against his parents were negative and bitter. He could not forgive. he began to drink. He was not understood. All began to discard and ignore him. All the rejections too added their own negatives. Finally not being able to handle the situation he committed suicide in a state of inebriation. He left notes. The content of the notes was the need of being allowed to express what one feels to do and say...

Monday, January 25, 2016

India Celebrates Republic Day

Today there is a celebration mood here in India. we can hear the sound of loud music and people waving the national flags all over is seen. People are dressed up in different and colourful clothes to mark the nations Republic day. It is a holiday for all....all schools and colleges are all closed. The children participate in flag hoisting in the morning. Many government workers attend the flag hoisting. The prime minister and president will speak today to the nation. they have will a special message for the entire world. 

This year the president of France is the chief guest with his army men participating in the parade for the first time. 

It is a day to remember when India's constitution came into force on January 26, 1950, completing the country's transition toward becoming an independent republic.

Friars say goodbye ........Its good to come back again!!!!!!!!