Thursday, August 31, 2017

Happy Birthday to General Minister Br. Mauro!!!!!!!!!

Let us pray and wish General Minister.....Happy Birthday
In Ivory Coast.....Vicario General.....wearing a million dollar smile with Billion dollar smile of the General Minister
 Looks like he is sitting for the ceremony of is in Srilanka.....welcome with a shawl...
 Being welcomed in St. Thomas province for the Provincial Chapter
 In Tamilnadu......with Lawrence and Wilson
Visited my Family in May 2017...with my elder Brother and his wife...Antony and Martina
 Refreshing with Indian Coffee after a long and tedious journey
 Receiving bouquet from Br. Victor from Mumbai.....during the Provincial Chapter
Wishing Albert on his silver Jubilee of religious profession in Mumbai during the provincial chapter

Care of Creation....Let us pray together!!!!!!!!!

September 1st is the day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, a joint appeal from Pope Francis and Ecumencial Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew I. 

For us ,  this day is very special to pray for our Mother Earth and her children Water and Air, Mountains and valleys, forests and fields, animals and Birds etc that are exploited daily in every way due to the greed of the humans. 

Hence lets join together and remember this event specially in your provinces, in your communities and in all the formation centres.  Kindly forward this email to all the communities in the province for wider circulation. 

Finding God in the Wilderness
Finding God in the Wilderness is an invitation to ecological conversion inspired by St. John the Baptist, who ventured into the wilderness to know God more fully. He returned from the wilderness ignited with love for the Creator and a fervent desire to prepare the way for the Messiah. We invite you, like John the Baptist, to embark on a spiritual journey into the wilderness to encounter God in a new way, and to come forth ready to help inspire a similar conversion in others. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Need to Be Human!!!!!!!!!

The Society today seems to be confused about being rich and being Human! The craze and rush to accumulate and amass wealth at the cost of relationship, morality and even faith. There are many things which are compromised or even persons and relations are destroyed in order to achieve ones goal and ambitious project, to be someone in the society because one's value and worth is counted or based on what you possess. We know many stories of families which are broken and destroyed because of one's desire to climb the ladder of success. The children who are educated by the self-sacrificing parents who give and spend everything that they have for their children but the end results are very negative. Many Parents find abandoned and ignore, some are placed in home for the aged because they seem to be a stumbling block for the material richness and achievement of their children. I know some of these ambitious children who have left their parents to achieve their dreams, have succeeded and very rich materially. But having encountered and spoken to them, most of them have confessed to be emotionally weak and poor. Deep down they do feel guilty that they have not been more human. 

Some of these who get married and live lavish life are not able to train and form their kids because they have lost touch with humanity. They have not time for families and friends but are extremely busy in achieving goals and success. They lose all kind of familial connections with the families, everything is replaced with technology and material things. The relationship are based on how much you have and how much you can give. The children keep telling their parents that they don't need them because they are not human. They have forgotten to fathers and parents. The children don't enjoy the short lived happiness that is offered to them. They feel that it is all artificial and there is nothing human in relationships. Money and success don't make us Human  and happy but human connectedness and touch make us rich and happy. With all the spiritual awareness that is being created by all religions, many are realising the importance of being human. People today are becoming a little more charitable. They are willing to be part of a development progress of poor and unfortunate people. I know many have been converted to be better human persons. They have smiles because they have learnt the art of being Human. The steps to be human according to me are:
1. Accept who you are.
2. Realise that we are made what we are due to the sacrifices of our parents.
3. Believe in social and spiritual traditions
4. Running after wealth and success alienates us from our loved ones
5. Spending quality time with family brings rich dividends.
6. Communication and personal deep dialogue with the loved ones opens the gates of happiness and brings spiritual health

Annual meeting of Two Provincial Councils of North and South Tamilnadu

Beautiful Trichy!!!!!!!! and refectory of friars.....3 friars work together,,,,,10 acres of land....have coconut plantation......

 No rains....coconut trees.....are dying...please pray for rains in this part of the world...

 The Cook who cooks so well....she makes you want more after one cup...

 Br. Jacob runs Naturopathy centre.....everything is vegetarian,,,,,,he promises god health.....

 The Chapel in the new centre for counselling

 Visited Padony friary which has recently added a wing to the existing house which is donated by a generous Catholic donor

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Visit to Anna Amalai Province Tamilnadu North

We are Trichy since yesterday evening....we left Cochin at 7am by a took 8 hours to reach ....the journey was pleasant as there was rain on the is all green and lovely scenery of Nature  to look around....we visited four friaries which are in Trichy City.......

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Day 3 of Mission secretary Animation of CCMSI!!!!

 In the Gospel reading, at a sort of climax of his public ministry, Jesus asked his disciples who the people thought he was. The people had varied ideas on who he was: John the Baptist or one of the prophets of old.

     When asked directly who they thought he was, the impulsive Peter answered for the disciples, "You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God." Pleased with Peter's answer, Jesus promised to build his Church on Peter (or Rock), with powers to bind or unbind for the good of the people of God.

     Peter's confession in Jesus as the Messiah was indeed a grace from the Father. Peter loved Jesus, though he would later betray him before simple maid­ servants. Repentant and confessing his love for Christ, Jesus would confirm him as head of the Church after the resurrection, "Feed my sheep." Peter and the
disciples would be further strengthened and supported by
the Holy Spirit in their work for the Church of Christ.

     We believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of the living God. May we never waver in this belief and, like Peter, his fellow apostles and numerous others in the history of the Church, may we be faithful followers of Christ and missionaries of the Good News of Jesus to all.