Thursday, May 30, 2013

Krist Joyti Province

From Rains and cold weather of Assam I landed in Delhi, Capital of India, to experience a very hot summer. Bro. Dominic, the provincial Minister of KristJoyti received me at the airport. The next day i met the Provincial Definitory and animated them for two hours. It was an useful meeting as we were able o clarify many doubts and issues. On 29th evening i attended the Perpetual profession of Br. John Lonis and preached a homily on the occasion. He was a diocesan priest for more than 25 years and received a call to Capuchin way of living. Many priests friends of his joined him in the celebration. The Province of Kristjoyti is young and vibrant province. They have educational, pastoral, social and press and printing ministry. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Visit to Arunachal Pradesh

The journey from Aizwal to Guwhati was not that pleasant as there was heavy rain and fog all over Mizoram. The flight experienced strong turbulence and the travelers literally had their hearts in their mouth. Again Br. Bastian was there to receive me at the airport which is about 40 km away from the city.  On 14th May morning Br. Francis, the superior of Arunachal drove me to Tejpur which is in Assam and the journey from Guwhati to Tejpur is about 5 hours. We took rest in the house of sacred heart brothers and next day early morning we started our journey to Itanagar, the headquarters of Arunachal. The diocese of Itanagar is a new diocese which was created 7 years ago. This journey was one of the memorable one as the roads in Arunachal are not at all good. The state does not have good roads because of constant rains and mountainous areas. It took us about 12 hours to reach to Bishops house. 
On 15th morning I met the Bishop and spent some time listening to him. He narrated the hardships, suffering and persecutions that the Church in Arunachal has gone through. He recounted how the missionaries trained the local Arunachalis in Assam and sent them back to their places to teach faith and Baptize their own brothers and sisters. It was only 18 years ago that the missionaries could enter into the state. The person to enter was Blessed Mother Teresa. Today the Diocese is very active in evangelization through the ministries of education, social and medical. The people are very poor and they need a lot of help
The Friars from St. Francis Province, Kerala have been working since six years in

the diocese of Itanagar. Today they have one parish which takes 20 hours from Itanagar to reach Seppa and Veo. The roads as i mentioned earlier are very bad.
Br. Francis drove me to his parish. At the end of the journey we were tired and need good rest which we did take.
The people here are very poor. They are all tribals. They have no school and medical facilities. The friars are involved in pastoral and educational ministries. They have to walk for about two hours to reach to their mission stations. They have four substations and the entire village is Catholic. There are others who are asking  to be admitted into the Catholic Church. The friars need a lot of support in terms of prayers and Finance.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Dimapur to Aizwal

After visiting the Friars in Dimpur I took the train to Guwhati and from Guwhati i flew to Aizwal. The distances are too much. Brother Joel received me at the airport and drove to the near by Friary. The roads in Aizwal are good enough but narrow and steep. On 11th May many friars came for a common meeting and I addressed all of them. It was a fraternal experience to listen to the young missionaries who are working very hard in difficult situations. Br. Joel took me around to visit some of their mission stations. In Aizwal i celebrated Sunday Mass and it was a spiritual experience for me. The Mizos sing very well and their liturgy is very live and vibrant. Just before my visit there was a huge landslide a day before where about 15 people were buried alive. Landslide is very common thing and the roads get blocked. The delegation of Mizoram is very active and doing a lot of evangelization. They have local vocations too.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Delhi to Dimapur

Two hours flight on 7th May brought me to Guwhati. Br. Bastian , the Custodian of Assam received at the airport. I was welcomed by a heavy shower of rain. The temperatures are just nice to enjoy the stay here. The next day morning I let for Dimapur, the Delegation of Holy Trinity Province, Karnataka. Four hours journey but enjoyable one. The train takes you through the beautiful places of Assam. The beautiful villages surronded by small ponds and big hills. Br. Claud Augustin, the delegate was waiting at the station with Br. Vincent. Dimapur is a big commercial city for Nagaland. what a rich exeperienced i gained while going around here in the Delegation. The brothers are all young and doing a lot of work. They are all from south India. Leaving the familiar shore and in an unknown shore is incredible. I salute the brothers for their missionary spirit and courage. Do visit them or say a small prayer for them. I met the brothers the next day morning for about two hours. They did have carifications and questions for me.
I was fortunate to celebrate my birthday in the Delegation. We had good Lunch together. Now I am back to Guwhati and getting ready to fly to Aizwal another Delegation of Karnataka Province.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Prem Joyti Custody

The Capital of India, New Delhi is also the Curia of Prem Jyoti Custody. A lovely flight from Lucknow brought me to the International airport of Delhi. A lovely and modern airport indeed. Br. Alex one of the councilors welcomed me and drove me to the friary for about one hour. In the evening we participated in the Holy Eucharist on the occasion of the parish feast celebrated in honor of St. Joseph. We were about 15 priests, good number of nuns and parishioners. It was a family feast. All were actively involved in the celebration. Well planned liturgy and the lovely choir who sang during the Mass helped us to participate well in the Eucharist. we dinned with the parishioners after a cultural program put up by the parishioners.
This morning i met the council of the custody and animated them regarding the animation of the custody. They were happy hear and know certain information about the curia. They expressed their closeness to the General curia. They had certain clarifications and questions to ask. I clarified them. This custody is growing in number and activities too. The custody has got good number of vocations this year from kerala and locals too. They are engaged in various types of ministries. All the friars are young and enthusiastic. Let us pray that the custody grows to be another  full-fledged province of the Order.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Photos from St. Fidelis Province meeting

 Provincial Curia of St. Fidelis.

St. Fidelis Province, North India

Oh, it is very hot. Summer is just setting in but the temperatures are very high. You need to be careful in this part of India in summer, otherwise you could land in the hospital with a sunstroke. I arrived here on 2nd afternoon welcomed by the Provincial and Vicar provincial at the airport. The friars welcomed me in the evening with a grand dinner hosted on the occasion of my 21st anniversary of Ordination. It was a fraternal and emotional moment for me. I appreciated the gesture from the part of Br. John Barla and Fraternity.
On 3rd morning I Met the Provincial definitory and interacted with them for about two hours. It was a moment of fraternal dialogue and interaction. They did clarify certain issues pertaining to the living of our Charism and also certain intricacies of animating a big province like St. Fidelis. They are doing very well in all kinds of ministries and apostolates. God has blessed them with good vocations too. Let us pray for all friars of St. Fidelis.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

St. Anthony's Province Goa

A long flight from Kochin to Goa via Madras. But the smiles of Br. Eldrige, secretary of Goa Province took away all my tiredness after a long flight. He was waiting for me at the airport. He drove me to the Monte Guirim where the fraternity along with Br. Steve, Provincial welcomed me with warm greetings. The next day morning i met the provincial definitory and dialogued with them for about two hours. It was indeed a good sharing of ideas and clarifications.
In the afternoon where drove to the Novitiate of Maharashtra where 21 brothers from St. Fidelis Province, St. Bonavenutre Province and St. anthony Province were vested with the Capuchin habit. They began their novitiate year I officiate the ceremony and Brothers Amrut and Steve gave instructions to the novices.
On 1st May four novices from Maharashtra and Goa made their first profession. There were many relatives and friars present for the vows.
In the evening we drove back to Goa and on 2nd Morning i flew to Lucknow via Mumbai. Right now i am in the Province of St. Fidelis. It is very hot.

21 Postulants entering into Novitiate

Brothers Steve, Benhur (Novice Master), Michael and Amrut