Thursday, May 30, 2013

Krist Joyti Province

From Rains and cold weather of Assam I landed in Delhi, Capital of India, to experience a very hot summer. Bro. Dominic, the provincial Minister of KristJoyti received me at the airport. The next day i met the Provincial Definitory and animated them for two hours. It was an useful meeting as we were able o clarify many doubts and issues. On 29th evening i attended the Perpetual profession of Br. John Lonis and preached a homily on the occasion. He was a diocesan priest for more than 25 years and received a call to Capuchin way of living. Many priests friends of his joined him in the celebration. The Province of Kristjoyti is young and vibrant province. They have educational, pastoral, social and press and printing ministry. 

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