Monday, May 27, 2013

Dimapur to Aizwal

After visiting the Friars in Dimpur I took the train to Guwhati and from Guwhati i flew to Aizwal. The distances are too much. Brother Joel received me at the airport and drove to the near by Friary. The roads in Aizwal are good enough but narrow and steep. On 11th May many friars came for a common meeting and I addressed all of them. It was a fraternal experience to listen to the young missionaries who are working very hard in difficult situations. Br. Joel took me around to visit some of their mission stations. In Aizwal i celebrated Sunday Mass and it was a spiritual experience for me. The Mizos sing very well and their liturgy is very live and vibrant. Just before my visit there was a huge landslide a day before where about 15 people were buried alive. Landslide is very common thing and the roads get blocked. The delegation of Mizoram is very active and doing a lot of evangelization. They have local vocations too.

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