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Blessing of New Chapel in Jerusalem

Year of Consecrated Life

Year of Consecrated Life set for 2015

2014-01-31 Vatican Radio
(Vatican Radio) The Prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, Cardinal Joรฃo Braz De Aviz held a press conference on Friday to announce the upcoming Year of Consecrated Life.
At the press conference, Cardinal Braz de Aviz told journalists that Pope Francis had announced the Year of Consecrated life in November at a meeting with the Union of Superiors General.
Noting that the Year will take place in the context of the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council, Cardinal Braz de Aviz said, “We believe that the Council has been a breath of the Spirit not only for the whole Church but, perhaps especially, for the consecrated life. We are also convinced that in these 50 years consecrated life has undertaken a fruitful journey of renewal — not free, certainly, of difficulties and hardships — in the commitment to follow what the Council asked of the consecrated: fidelity to the Lord, to the Church, to their own charism and to the people of today.
For this reason, he said, the first objective of the Year of Consecrated Life would be to “make a grateful remembrance of the recent past.”
With this positive outlook on the past, he continued, “we want to ‘embrace the future with hope’— the second objective. Although the crises that affect the world and the Church are also felt within consecrated life, Cardinal Braz de Aviz said women and men religious remain full of hope, based not on their own powers, but on trust in the Lord. “In Him,” he said, “no one can rob us of our hope.”
This hope, though, he said, cannot keep us from “living the present with passion” — and this is the third objective of the coming Year. This passion, the Cardinal said, speaks of “being in love, of true friendship, of profound communion.” This is “the true beauty of the life of so many women who profess the evangelical counsels and follow Christ ‘more closely’ in this state of life.” In this regard, he said, the Year of Consecrated Life will have an evangelical focus, helping people to realize “the beauty of following Christ” in the various types of religious vocations.
The Year of Consecrated Life is expected to begin in October of this year, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the promulgation of Lumen gentium (the Second Vatican Council’s constitution on the Church), which has a specific chapter dealing with consecrated life. The anniversary of the Council’s decree Perfectae caritatis, will be the occasion of the close of the Year, in November 2015.

Feast of St. John Don Bosco

I am reproducing a beautiful, inspiring and thought provoking homily of a Salesian Priest.

Dimapur (IND), 06 November 2009

Therefore while we thank the Lord for the gift he has given us in Don Bosco, we want to draw from him the inspiration and the strength to do whatever we are called upon to do in this part of India today.
From this point of view the Word of God becomes very illuminating, because it helps us to see how great Don Bosco was and how we can imitate him today in the new social context.
It is well known that born in Castelnuovo d’Asti in 1815, John was taught the faith and the practice of the gospel message by his mother. At just 9 years of age he came to understand from a dream that he was to devote himself to the education of the young. While still a boy he began to entertain his companions with games interspersed with prayer and religious instruction. When he became a priest he took as his programme of life: «Da mihi animas, caetera tolle», and began his apostolate among the poorest youngsters founding the Valdocco Oratory and putting it under the protection of St Francis of  Sales.
With his educational method and his pastoral practice, based on reason, religion and loving kindness (the Preventive System) he led adolescents and young men to reflection, to a meeting with Christ and with their companions, to education to the faith and to its celebration in the sacraments, to apostolic and professional commitment. Among the best fruits of his educational method is fifteen year old St Dominic Savio.
The source of his untiring activity and the effectiveness of his work was a constant “union with God” and a total trust in Mary Help of Christians whom he felt was the inspiration and support of everything he did. And to his Sons he left as a legacy a spirituality that is simple but soundly based on the Christian virtues.
In fact the first reading gives us one of the great spiritual and educational insights of Don Bosco, that is that the love of God and for God is the source of joy, so that he could say to the boys in the Oratory: “Here we make holiness consist in always being cheerful.”
Perhaps we ourselves need to learn not to consider God as a threat to our happiness but rather as the source of happiness and life. Perhaps we need to learn from Don Bosco to have a smiling face and a gaze that is calm, optimistic, far-sighted that shows that we are believers in a God who was crucified yes, but who rose again and has filled our human lives with joy and hope. Perhaps we need to help the young to have the experience of how happy one can be while serving God.
The reason for this truth, that is: “the law of the Lord is perfect, it revives the soul, rejoices the heart and gives light to the eyes,” as the responsorial psalm says, is to be found in the fact that basically the law is at man’s service, to make him ever more human and not to oppress him.
This is possible when one discovers that laws and commands are meant to encourage virtue and are therefore the expression of love. St Paul in the first letter to the Corinthians that we have just heard refers to this.
Without love the most precious gifts of both nature and grace would be of no use. The primacy of love arises precisely from the fact that it leads us to maturity, to reach the perfect stature that makes us ‘divine’, since it makes us like God. Precisely because it has the immense power to transform people from within it also has the force to conquer death.
Living in God’s friendship – as Don Bosco proposed to his boys – means then living in communion with him, remaining united with him through keeping his commandment of love.
Living in joy means giving full rein to all the best of intentions in our hearts the source of everything that is good.
Living in this way, when all is said and done, means being salt of the earth, light of the world, a city on a hill-top, in other words, people who are doing good as Jesus wants his disciples to be. 
The extract from Matthew’s Gospel would appear to have been the programme of Don Bosco, who was well aware of the responsibility that we Christians have “before men.”
The salt of the earth, the hope of the world, are those who preserve human and religious values that ensure that the earth does not go to the bad, that it retains a  modicum of humanity.
We too are the salt of the earth when we live the spirit of the beatitudes, when we make the Sermon on the Mount our identikit and we become something of an alternative society, people who, faced with a society that idolises success, the transitory, the temporary, money, pleasure, power, revenge, conflict, war, chose peace, forgiveness, mercy, generosity, a  spirit of sacrifice, beginning in our immediate circle, our own family or community, but then expanding to embrace the whole of society.
Jesus warns, however, that it is possible for salt to lose its taste, for his disciples not to be genuine, and he does not hesitate to point out the disastrous consequences: «It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trodden under foot by men.» Either we are disciples with a clear gospel identity, meaningful, therefore, and useful to the world, or we are to be thrown out, to be scorned, we are the most unhappy of men, the misfits, we are nothing.
We are the light of the world, as He is the light, if we live gospel beatitudes; we are a city on a hill, if we accept the public responsibility we have and do not try to make the faith or our discipleship a private matter, without a social dimension, with public involvement; we are a lamp on a lamp-stand, if we live according to the Gospel and give light to everyone believers or not, disciples or not, those near or far away; in other words, light for the whole world.
Christianity, the faith, the Gospel, the Salesian Family have a social role and a public responsibility for the simple reason that every vocation is mission.
This is the meaning of the exhortation with which Jesus concludes, and which even though it refers particularly to the metaphor of the light, also obviously refers to the idea of the salt and the city. «Let your light so shine before men.» Jesus wants his disciples to do good for its own sake not looking for gratification, for self satisfaction, for recompense. Nevertheless, when good is done it cannot go unnoticed round about.
We have the responsibility of doing good for love, and not so as to be seen, like Mother Teresa of Calcutta. She incarnated so well the tenderness of God with no distinction of persons. For her it was enough that people was poor and needy to help them.
Jesus wants his disciples to make the Sermon on the Mount their plan of life: meekness, poverty, generosity, mercy, forgiveness, abandonment to God, trust, doing to others what we would like them to do to us, these then are the gospel works that we should make shine out, that make us become “salt” and “light”, that will go to create an alternative society that won’t allow humanity to totally destroy itself. 
That was just what Don Bosco was trying to do for the sake of the boys in all his works, whose purpose was precisely that of making them into “honest citizens and good Christians”. Human formation, an encounter with Christ, finding their place in the life of the Church and discovering their own vocation, this was the path of faith proposed by Don Bosco.
That was the reason why he founded the Salesian Congregation to continue and spread out the dream of God for the good of the young, specially those who are poor, abandoned and at risk. This is then our programme for the future in India.

Fr Pascual Chรกvez Villanueva Sdb

Dimapur (IND), 06 November 2009

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Br. Erivan leaves for Brazil

Our archivist leaves for his well deserved vacations. He left this morning for Brazil for one month. He has been preparing for this vacations since a long. He has been expressing with many friars his plans and programs during the vacations. He said that it is a joy to be with my family and spend valuable time with them. It is a moment to recharge myself spending a quality of time with my family. 
He is our archivist in the Curia who is faithful to his job. He is punctual and prompt in carrying out his responsibilities. He is also a poet and singer. He has some CD's to his credit and during vacation he is going to register some songs. He writes poem on the occassion of birthdays and feast days of the friars in Curia. He loves doing it with passion and fraternal love.
We wish him good rest and good time with family and friars. Safe journey too!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

From the Light arises the Truth

Light of the World
There are obscurities within us and we want them to be always buried or covered up so that others may not see it. But it harms us in the course of time. Jesus as light asking us and the entire world to accept Him and allow his light to shine in today's darkened world. He is asking us that we should hold up the light and hide it. 

There are many who are groping in darkness so we can become a hope and a beacon for them. The sins and wrong doings of the others can be done away with our light. Why we need this light to brought on the table or on a lampstand so that the others can also benefit. If all of us bring out our light how much of light we will have to defeat the darkness and evil in the world. Why are we frightened to show our light of Christ. He is asking us to be the Light of the world.  He will show us the way towards the "House" that David once spoke of - far, far into the distant future. We are also told to listen. If we abide and remain in his love and light, we can become fruitful because we will share in that vision for the building up of the "Kingdom of God." We are given the choice whether or not to respond to his invitation to come into the light and hold it up for others to see. 


Why Kill in the Name of Religion

Ever since my childhood i have been reading in the newspaper that many people are killed in the name of religion. I never understood and in the school we would ask the teachers who too were not able to give us a satisfactory answer. On Sunday's in the Parish we would come to know regarding the killings and lootings in the name of religion in some part of the world. Even the priests were not able to give an answer which would stop our inner turmoil. In the school, we were all treated as one. We celebrated all the feasts of all religions and there was no distinction ever made between different religion. The answer to the question why people get killed in the name of religion?why places of worship and prayer become target of some who don't believe in God.
We all believe that God is one and all religions lead their faithful to this one path. When i read or see on the television some horrific pictures of the attacks on people of one religion by the majority sadnes me very much. I just don't understand who does one achieve by killing people and destroying houses and places of worship. How many people are rendered homeless? How many children become orphans? How many women  widows and some of them even get raped. 
I don't understand how can this carnage take place in a modern technological world which is progressing every moment? When we are planning to settle on the moon? Where every month a new computer and mobile programs are discovered and launched? Why one does not discover a human program with which we can stop this killing and looting.
Many religious leaders are giving a clarion call to their faithful as to not to fight and kill innocent people. And yet this call goes unheard by those who claim to be believers but not belivers in a loving and merciful God. Some one is responsible for this killing in the name of religion. That someone has to stop in some way so as to all the children of one God to live in peach to worship and adore Him. The world leaders need to introspect well. We need to stop! We need to listen to our inner voice which is telling us to stop. The answer lies within. We need to look in our hearts and find answers to stop this killings.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy Feast To Birthday to Br. Tomaz

Today the Church rejoices with St. Thomas Aquinas and we in the Curia rejoice and celebrate the Feast of our Benjamin of the fraternity Br. Tomaz. This morning we prayed for him during the prayer and the Eucharist. He is in the Curia since last year and has very well inserted into the fraternity and the service that he is rendering to the College and Curia. Many of you may not know who is Br. Tomaz, he hails from Poland and he is here for the service in Curia. He looks after the parlour and this service is one of the toughest. He has been doing with big smile and a lot of patience. Some months back he mas managing the parlour in the college all alone. This service combined at the moment since we are in the college. During those days of hectic and tough job Tomaz kept his cool and did a fantastic job.
He is young and energetic. He is quite by nature and man of few words. He is very regular for the community excercises and service. We all love and like him.May the good Lord be with him and grant him all the joys and happiness. Let us all pray for him and wish him a long life in the Capuchin Order.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Formation Program in Ivory Coast

The General Formation Council is very active and planning many programs for the entire Order. They have already been conducting these programs in the Coferences. They have planned out beautiful formation program which will allow our formees to expose themselves to the modern challenges. They are trying to give formation to the formators who deal with students in the formation.
Last week they conducted one such program in Ivory Coast for the formators. a huge success. Many participated in it and wanted it for two weeks. One can imagine that Brothers Charles and Jaime have a solid program which satisfies all and they ask for more. A good sign indeed.
 Formation for formators so that they form the formees for Capuchin Fraternal living.
 Today the need is to form them after the heart and mind of St. Francis and according to the Great Capuchin traditions. A Fraternal living is strong witness in today's world which is broken and fragmented.

 They are to be formed for the Universal Church and to be prepared to leave their homes in order to missionaries in the Mother Church.
 The people are hungry for the presence of Jesus in their lives. The Capuchins will not have to preach the word of God but celebrate sacraments which will bring the people into God's kingdom.
 The formators have a great responsibility to pass on what they have heard and experienced, what they are convinced of. Today's formees want more idols, examples and witnesses of God's Love and men of solid capuchin spirituality.
 A solid fraternal living leads to communion and unity, bond and brotherhood. In fraternity we accept one another as they are. Capuchin formation forms the formees to be BROTHERS - FRIARS

"Why Do they behave in this manner"

The question that is often asked by some good religious souls is "why Do they behave in this manner?". A question that raises many points. a question that makes us pause and reflect in depth. A question which draws attention of all. The answer is to be found by all. 
 A question is asked by generations after generation. Even at the time of Jesus good people did ask the same question, Why did they crucify him when he did so much of good. Why people support and join those who are doing bad and not following the normal way of living. Why the bad ones receive support from the others, who know that the bad ones are really a stumbling block for growth and development. One fails to understand why!
I have come to the conclusion that the good ones fail to confront the bad ones because the good ones are afraid to touch the core of the problem. The good ones are in comfort zones and dont want to lose that position. They see all that bad happening but go about closing their eyes and ears. Some support directly and some indirectly by their silence and non commitment. The bad ones then become powerful to destroy the very fabric of social and spiritual realm. They put everything at stake and compromise with everything which leads to anarchy and disorder. The bad ones then influence the good and softy ones with their power and position. They literally buy these "Blessed ones" who have no opinion of their own. They begin to dance according to the tunes of the bad ones. The bad ones they command and call shots of every sort. The rythm of life gets diluted and then becomes unbearable. 

It is high time for all the good ones to rise up and speak up. It is not the problem of the other. Today some are doing, tomorrow there will be a big number who will follow the bad ones. Why not put an end to all this rubbish. Why not allow the interior "Light" shine forth in this darkned situation. Why not become "Salt" and add taste to the lives of those who want to see the real charism lived and practice. Knowing that the bad ones are going to ruin the peace and yet some good souls side and support them. Then the question is asked, why do they behave in this manner.
Let us pray that we all may work together to silence the bad ones with courage to confront them and bring about some change.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy Republic Day of India


Republic Day - The day the Constitution of India came into effect( From the News paper "TIMES OF INDIA"

Republic Day is celebrated every year on 26 January to commemorate the date and moment when the Constitution of India came into effect. Although India attained independence on August 15, 1947 but till 1949 it didn't have a permanent constitution of its own and instead were functioning under the laws enacted and implemented by the British. And after many amendments the Constitution was approved and accepted on November 26, 1949 that came into force in a full-fledged fashion from on 26 January, 1950. Thus, Republic Day celebration is the moment to remember the coming of the Constitution into effect.

India celebrates its Republic Day in colourful and exciting ways. To mark Republic Day in a memorable and significant way, every year in New Delhi, capital of India, a grand parade is held that starts from the Raisina Hill in the neighborhood of the majestic Rashtrapati Bhawan and passes along the Rajpath thus ending at India Gate. The President, Prime Minister and other high rank officials of India on this occasion make their presence at Rajpath to celebrate the occasion. The President unfolds the National flag as soon as the National Anthem is played and also addresses the nation with Republic Day speech. Furthermore, the Republic Day parade also includes lively displays and exhibits India's rich and colouful culture and also brings the entire nation together. The parade concludes with the flypast by Indian Air Force jets.

On Republic Day, martyrs and heroes who showed courage and bravery for country's sake without bothering their own lives is also remembered and conferred prestigious and significant awards including Kirti Chakra and Ashok Chakra are conferred on the event by the President. Since 1950, for Republic Day celebrations India has been inviting guests of high dignitaries of another country as the state guest of honour.

Not only in New Delhi, but other states also celebrate Republic Day with great enthusiasm and in numerous innovative ways. The Republic Day 2014 will be observed on Sunday (26 January) and the public offices and schools will remain closed to celebrate the significance of the day.

The patriotic fervor of the people is witnessed not only in the programmes and activities but also in the inspirational Republic Day SMS and Republic Day messages. On this day people send warm wishes about Republic Day to their dear ones that lend a festive ambience to the historic occasion. Short and lovely text messages are also a wonderful way to spread the importance of the Republic Day.

The festivity of Republic Day concludes officially with the intriguing Beating Retreat ceremony on the evening of 29th January. This enthralling ceremony is performed by the military, the Indian Air Force, India Navy and India Army in the Raisina Hills, New Delhi, in front of the President of India as the Chief Gues

  31   States,
  1618  Languages,
  6400   Castes,
  6  Ethnic groups,
  29   Festivals.
  1   Country, 

Proud To Be
 INDIAN. Happy Republic Day To You 
Some facts you may not be knowing about INDIANS |๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ
1. 38% of doctors in America are INDIANS.
2. 12% of the scientist in America are INDIANS.
3. 28% of the IBM employees in the world are INDIANS.
4. 36% of the NASA employees are INDIANS.
5. 17% of the INTEL employees in the world are INDIANS.
6. 34% of the MICROSOFT employees are INDIANS.
7. Sanskrit is the mother language of all the European languages. WHICH MEANS SWEDISH TOO.
8. SANSKRIT is most suitable language for computer software reported in Forbes magazine, 1987.
9. CHESS was invented in INDIA.
10. Creator and founder of HOTMAIL is INDIAN (SABEER BHATIA).
11. Aryabhatta who was from INDIA, invented the number ZERO.
12. INDIANS invented the NUMBER SYSTEM.
13. ALGEBRA was invented in INDIA.
15. The general manager of HEWLETT PACKARD (HP) is INDIAN (RAJIV GUPTA).
16. Creator of the PENTIUM CHIP(90% of the today's Computer runs on it) is INDIAN (VINOD DAHM).
17. BHUDHYANA first calculated the value of pi (3.14), and he explained the concept of what is known as the Pythagorean theorem. he discovered this in the 6th century long before the European mathematicians.
18. We have almost 5600 different newspapers and 3500 different magazines with approximately 120 million readers every day.
19. SUSHRUTA (from india) is the father of SURGERY. 2600 year ago he and health scientist of his time conducted complicated surgeries like --> artificial limbs, fractures, urinarystones and even plastic surgery and brain surgery
20. LAXMI MITTAL (steel king) is the richest man in ENGLAND. His house in England is the most expensive house in the world, more than 70 million pounds.
21. ALBERT EINSTEIN once said:- We own a lot to the INDIANS,who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific have been made.
22. INDIA has the THIRD largest army in the world with more than 105 million men......
I'm Proud To Be An Indian...) |