Wednesday, January 29, 2014

From the Light arises the Truth

Light of the World
There are obscurities within us and we want them to be always buried or covered up so that others may not see it. But it harms us in the course of time. Jesus as light asking us and the entire world to accept Him and allow his light to shine in today's darkened world. He is asking us that we should hold up the light and hide it. 

There are many who are groping in darkness so we can become a hope and a beacon for them. The sins and wrong doings of the others can be done away with our light. Why we need this light to brought on the table or on a lampstand so that the others can also benefit. If all of us bring out our light how much of light we will have to defeat the darkness and evil in the world. Why are we frightened to show our light of Christ. He is asking us to be the Light of the world.  He will show us the way towards the "House" that David once spoke of - far, far into the distant future. We are also told to listen. If we abide and remain in his love and light, we can become fruitful because we will share in that vision for the building up of the "Kingdom of God." We are given the choice whether or not to respond to his invitation to come into the light and hold it up for others to see. 


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