Monday, January 27, 2014

"Why Do they behave in this manner"

The question that is often asked by some good religious souls is "why Do they behave in this manner?". A question that raises many points. a question that makes us pause and reflect in depth. A question which draws attention of all. The answer is to be found by all. 
 A question is asked by generations after generation. Even at the time of Jesus good people did ask the same question, Why did they crucify him when he did so much of good. Why people support and join those who are doing bad and not following the normal way of living. Why the bad ones receive support from the others, who know that the bad ones are really a stumbling block for growth and development. One fails to understand why!
I have come to the conclusion that the good ones fail to confront the bad ones because the good ones are afraid to touch the core of the problem. The good ones are in comfort zones and dont want to lose that position. They see all that bad happening but go about closing their eyes and ears. Some support directly and some indirectly by their silence and non commitment. The bad ones then become powerful to destroy the very fabric of social and spiritual realm. They put everything at stake and compromise with everything which leads to anarchy and disorder. The bad ones then influence the good and softy ones with their power and position. They literally buy these "Blessed ones" who have no opinion of their own. They begin to dance according to the tunes of the bad ones. The bad ones they command and call shots of every sort. The rythm of life gets diluted and then becomes unbearable. 

It is high time for all the good ones to rise up and speak up. It is not the problem of the other. Today some are doing, tomorrow there will be a big number who will follow the bad ones. Why not put an end to all this rubbish. Why not allow the interior "Light" shine forth in this darkned situation. Why not become "Salt" and add taste to the lives of those who want to see the real charism lived and practice. Knowing that the bad ones are going to ruin the peace and yet some good souls side and support them. Then the question is asked, why do they behave in this manner.
Let us pray that we all may work together to silence the bad ones with courage to confront them and bring about some change.

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