Wednesday, November 29, 2017

General Curia Feast Today........

 The General Minister presided over the solemn eucharistic his wonderful homily he spoke about the renunciation and dis-attachment to things and worldly ways.....He narrated the example of St. Francis and the lates blessed up ones will and be a great renunciation....

 All the houses depending on the General Curia were invited for the celebration......

The Chapel and the refectory were was a great fraternal celebration....

 Mr. Cludio...head cook and Mr. Gabrial assistant cook....they are the best.....they are good in cooking not only Italian food but continental too

 Great planning and organising by the Guardian Martin

 Thanksgiving Turkey.......The American Friars were on top of the world....

 We are marching to the House of God.....walk with us o do your will and be like you

 The Guardian welcomed one and all.......Br. Belpiede.....sang for the Guardian.....He is jolly good fellow...he is jolly good fellow....

Monday, November 27, 2017

Br. Jaime Rey celebrates Feast Day!!!!!!Happy Feast

Br. Jaime is a friar from the Province of Spain....a simple Capuchin...very learned and yet humble....he is a theologian.....when he speaks it looks like honey drops from the rocks....he is a sweet nature friar with a lots of qualities.....Jaime is very popular among the friars in the Order....he is assistant to the International formation council with Charles Alphonse....both work together.....right now he is busy working on the 3rd Chapter of Ration Formationis......In Curia Jaime is liked and wanted by all....every ready to help friars....he is ready to drive you to the station, airport or anywhere else.....he is a good preacher too.....This morning he preached about: the God of the Temple and the God of the Tent.....great thought....God bless you Jaime.....
 THE SMALL town of Montbrandon, in the Marca of Ancona, the ancient Picenum, a province of the ecclesiastical state in Italy, gave birth to this saint. His parents, though of low condition, were very virtuous, and educated him in sentiments of true piety and religion.

 He began his spiritual war against the devil, the world, and the flesh, with assiduous prayer, and extraordinary fasts and watchings: and the fervour of his first beginnings was, by his fidelity in corresponding with divine grace, crowned with such constancy and perseverance as never to suffer any abatement. After the year of his probation was completed he returned to the Portiuncula, and by his solemn vows offered himself a holocaust to God. For forty years he never passed a day without taking the discipline; he always wore either a rough hair shirt, or an iron coat of mail armed with short sharp spikes; allowing himself only three hours for sleep he spent the rest of the night in holy meditation and prayer: flesh meat he never touched, and he ate so little that it seemed a miracle how he could live.

 His zeal for the salvation of souls seemed to have no bounds, and for forty years together he never passed a single day without preaching the word of God either to the people or to the religious of his own Order. His exhortations were vehement and efficacious; by one sermon at Milan he converted thirty-six lewd women to a most fervent course of penance. 

Happy Feast Day to Br. Massimo Rossini !!!!!!!!!!

 Today we celebrate the Feast day of Br. Massimo, the personal General Secretary....Morning during the prayer and Eucharist we prayed for him.....he is a wonderful brother....very faithful to his work as personal secretary of the General Minister.......

 This morning we began our General Council and the General Minister thanked Br. Massimo for his help and support....he is a big support to General Minister.....all the private correspondence is handled by him......he is the one who looks after the personal archive of the general minister.....

 He also comes for our council meeting to take down the minutes of the council...he is good at this job
 The trees are dropping their leaves .....a every day work for our brothers in the curia.....the Garden gets laid out with beautiful leaves.....

 Br. Massimo in his office.....very punctual and on time....if you knock on his door....with a smile he opens the door and welcomes you......

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Christ the King Feast!!!!!!!!

 When we say Jesus is a king, we mean a few things. First, He is our Shepherd. As our Shepherd He desires to lead us personally as a loving father would. He wants to enter our lives personally, intimately and carefully, never imposing Himself but always offering Himself as our guide. The difficulty with this is that it’s very easy for us to reject this kind of kingship. As King, Jesus desires to lead every aspect of our lives and lead us in all things. He desires to become the absolute ruler and monarch of our souls. He wants us to come to Him for everything and to become dependent upon Him always. But He will not impose this sort of kingship upon us. We must accept it freely and without reservation. Jesus will only govern our lives if we freely surrender ourselves over. When that happens, though, His Kingdom begins to become established within us! And through us in the world.

 Additionally, Jesus does wish for His Kingdom to begin to be established in our world. First and foremost this takes place when we become His sheep and thus become His instruments to help convert the world. However, as King, He also calls us to establish His Kingdom by seeing to it that His truth and law is respected within civil society. It’s Christ’s authority as King that gives us the authority and duty as Christians to do all we can to fight civil injustices and bring about a respect for every human person. All civil law ultimately gains its authority from Christ alone since He is the one and only Universal King.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Meeting the Pope Francis in Clementine Hall

 Beautiful in side the Vatican

 Clementine Hall with beautiful paintings....just feel like gazing at these ancient paintings....still fresh and attractive

 On the staircase of Clementine Hall
 In the Hall before the Holy Father could come in
 some of the buildings inside the Vatican

 The attractive statute of St. Gregory

 Br. Mark Schenk !!!!!! so sweet !!!

 Br. Charles Sammons......waiting for the Bus to return home
 Climbing down from Clementine Hall