Sunday, April 28, 2013

St. Francis Province

The Province of St. Francis is situated in Kochi and the Provincial curia is amidst a rubber plantation owned by the Diocese. It is a beautiful place, cool and calm. I stayed here two days and visited the Novitiate and another Friary where they have initial formation. I had the occasion to visit a Marian shrine which is a National shrine. I met the Provincial definitory and animated them for about one and half hours. It was a fraternal encounter and dialogue.

The National Marian Shrine
The Capuchin Provincialate, St. Francis Province
 The Novices of St. Francis and Mary Matha Province

Friday, April 26, 2013

St. Joseph Province, Kottayam

On 25th Morning, i attended the concluding session of 15th ICRF Annual Symposium on "ST. FRANCIS AND GANDHI: CONTRIBUTIONS TO HUMANITY. A COMPARATIVE STUDY" from 22-25th April 2013, at St. Joseph's Capuchin Provincialate, Kottaym. There were 25 friars who attended this symposium with papers presented by the friars. They also elected their new team of Animation, Br. David Francis is elected as the President. The feedback was very positive and they have made an appeal to all the qualified friars to attend this meeting held every year. In my short message of encouragement i called upon the scholars to undertake research which will enhance human lives and make them more comfortable in spiritual arena. The research and study should be contextualized so that  Human life may become more easier to content to another human being and the nature. Our capuchin research should be unique and of high quality in order to produce knowledge which touch all the spheres of human existence. The goal should be to contribute important and significant knowledge for the growth of the community. 

After the session we all visited the shrine of St. Alphonso and also two friaries of the Province of St. Joseph.
I met the provincial definitory this morning and animated them for one hour with questions and clarifications.

Monday, April 22, 2013

St. Thomas Province

we drove from Dindigul to Aluva by a jeep. Br. Antony Francis, Guardian of Anugraha accompanied me. It was a very good journey. The road to Kerala is well done from Tamil Nadu. On the way we got some few showers of rain. The weather was just nice. We arrived in Aluva around 7 in the evening. It took us about six hours. Br. Raphy, the provincial minister welcomed us fraternally. In the refectory the friars welcomed us with flowers. It is warm here in Aluva. 
I met the provincial definitory and dialogued with them. It is a province which has got many senior friars and young too, They have mission in Malawai where about 20 friars are working. They have a house of Philosophy where the students from three provinces are studying. They have about 86 students from all the three Provinces of St. Joseph and Pavanatma.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


From Trichy i reached this morning to Dindigul, an animation centre. Tomorrow morning i meet the Provincial Definitory of the South Province. This animation centre is bubbling with life and activities. At the moment there are about 90 participants from all over India. Br. Wilson and Team are guiding these young and old religious with varied experiences in the field of Education and Pastoral. Wonderful  ministry! The journey from Trichy was pleasant one as the road is good and the scenic beauty did keep me busy admiring the surroundings. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Kotagiri To Trichy

From Kotagiri, a cold place even in this summer i reached to Trichy, the Provincial Curia of North Province of Tamil Nadu, a very warm place. I travelled by Train to Trichy about four hours journey, beautiful journey. I was welcomed by the Provincial Minister Br. Mathew and his Definitors. After a good Lunch around 3.30pm i met the Provincial Definitory. It was a fraternal dialogue. I communicated  certain informations from the General Curia and then we had an open dialogue. It was enriching experience to interact with them. It was a learning experience for me. I heard their stories of success and happiness, ups and downs. They made some suggestion and in return i offered them some for the good of the brotherhood in the province. They work together as a team.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kotagiri Friary, Tamil Nadu

I attended the Solemn Preparatory course conducted by the CCMSI for its members in Kotagiri. This year there are 58 young friars from 10 provinces preparing themselves for the final commitment. It started on 1st April and will end on 30th April. A team of three friars from three Provinces is responsible under the Leadership of Br. Lawrence. Every week a friar is invited to give input session. I was with the friars for two days on 17 and 18. Guided them on Capuchin Charism and what are the expectations of the Order from young Capuchin Friars in India. They young friars are enthusiastic and full of life. They are very much convinced of their Capuchin  Francis vocation.

I celebrated Holy Eucharist and invited the Young friars in my Homily to be the Bread of Jesus to the Broken world. Gave them the example of the Holy Father Pope Francis

On 17th evening a special prayer service and a Camp fire was conducted. A cultural program was put by the young friars. Lot of dances and songs were sung. Oh, a beautiful and memorable evening.
Kotagiri is a wonderful Capuchin Friary known to the locals as The Friary. It is a Philosophate of the Capuchins surrounded by Tea Gardens and scenic Mountains. This place is a little Swiss of India. Come and experience the hospitality of the Friars. The Local Guardian is Br. Satyan along with 27 Philosophy students. They are warm hearted Friars in this cold place. They all make you feel at home. 
Thanks Brothers for the warm fraternal welcome.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Visits to the Provinces

From Monday onwards I am going to visit the Provinces in CCMSI. This time i limit myself to meeting and encountering the Provincial Definitory.
I also pay a visit to our younger brothers of the CCMSI who are preparing for the solemn vows at Kotagiri for two days.
After Kotagiri i go to Tamilnadu, Kerala, North India, Delhi, Goa, North East and finally Maharashtra. I need to undertake a long journey. Please keep me in your precious and holy prayers. 
It is summer in India and the Indian summer is very hot.

Provincial Chapter in Karnataka

From 8-13th April i participated along with the General Minister in the elective chapter of Holy Trinity, Karnataka. There were 75 friars as delegates participating along with Uganda Superior and Provincial of New York. The chapter was well prepared and organised. General Minister and me participated and helped the brothers in their discussions and deliberations. General Minister appreciated the friars for showing a great maturity and patience during the chapter. I did translate when General was not able to put across something in English. He most of the time spoke in fluent English. I told him that he does not now need a translator as he is able to communicate.
The chapter had a long agenda which treated well with able moderators who moderated and guided the discussions. The liturgy was a great help to pray well. The Eucharistic celebrations were well celebrated with a theme. The recreation was the height of the celebration of the Brotherhood. The presence of the young friars was the hallmark who made a huge difference. The young friars very active in their apostolate and ministries contributed a lot towards the chapter. The various committees did a fabulous job in getting ready everything before the chapter and during the Chapter. FISI welcomed all the friars with a Franciscan welcome, Br. Jossy Fernandes as a director of FISI made all the participant feel at home. He served a symptous meal everyday with a different menu. The theologians rendered a helping hand during the chapter. The election of the new team is a sign that the Brotherhood wants to grow and go beyond karnataka. The good work of Br. Vincent, the outgoing provincial will definitely be continued by the new provincial Br, Dolphy who was the vicar provincial.

Easter with Sisters

Sorry, I could not post anything since i had no access to the Internet. The Holy Week and Easter i spent with  Sisters of Charity preaching an annual retreat to the nuns. The Easter celebration was quite with the nuns and inmates of them. I had a wonderful experience and rich experience as i prayed with the sisters.