Saturday, April 13, 2013

Provincial Chapter in Karnataka

From 8-13th April i participated along with the General Minister in the elective chapter of Holy Trinity, Karnataka. There were 75 friars as delegates participating along with Uganda Superior and Provincial of New York. The chapter was well prepared and organised. General Minister and me participated and helped the brothers in their discussions and deliberations. General Minister appreciated the friars for showing a great maturity and patience during the chapter. I did translate when General was not able to put across something in English. He most of the time spoke in fluent English. I told him that he does not now need a translator as he is able to communicate.
The chapter had a long agenda which treated well with able moderators who moderated and guided the discussions. The liturgy was a great help to pray well. The Eucharistic celebrations were well celebrated with a theme. The recreation was the height of the celebration of the Brotherhood. The presence of the young friars was the hallmark who made a huge difference. The young friars very active in their apostolate and ministries contributed a lot towards the chapter. The various committees did a fabulous job in getting ready everything before the chapter and during the Chapter. FISI welcomed all the friars with a Franciscan welcome, Br. Jossy Fernandes as a director of FISI made all the participant feel at home. He served a symptous meal everyday with a different menu. The theologians rendered a helping hand during the chapter. The election of the new team is a sign that the Brotherhood wants to grow and go beyond karnataka. The good work of Br. Vincent, the outgoing provincial will definitely be continued by the new provincial Br, Dolphy who was the vicar provincial.

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