Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kotagiri Friary, Tamil Nadu

I attended the Solemn Preparatory course conducted by the CCMSI for its members in Kotagiri. This year there are 58 young friars from 10 provinces preparing themselves for the final commitment. It started on 1st April and will end on 30th April. A team of three friars from three Provinces is responsible under the Leadership of Br. Lawrence. Every week a friar is invited to give input session. I was with the friars for two days on 17 and 18. Guided them on Capuchin Charism and what are the expectations of the Order from young Capuchin Friars in India. They young friars are enthusiastic and full of life. They are very much convinced of their Capuchin  Francis vocation.

I celebrated Holy Eucharist and invited the Young friars in my Homily to be the Bread of Jesus to the Broken world. Gave them the example of the Holy Father Pope Francis

On 17th evening a special prayer service and a Camp fire was conducted. A cultural program was put by the young friars. Lot of dances and songs were sung. Oh, a beautiful and memorable evening.
Kotagiri is a wonderful Capuchin Friary known to the locals as The Friary. It is a Philosophate of the Capuchins surrounded by Tea Gardens and scenic Mountains. This place is a little Swiss of India. Come and experience the hospitality of the Friars. The Local Guardian is Br. Satyan along with 27 Philosophy students. They are warm hearted Friars in this cold place. They all make you feel at home. 
Thanks Brothers for the warm fraternal welcome.

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