Sunday, December 31, 2017

Holy Family with Different Stories but one goal and Plan - Salvation

The celebration of the Holy Family coincides, this year 2017, with the last of the year and with the last Sunday of the calendar year. A coincidence of great spiritual value, as it seems to tell us that all personal life starts from the family and ends in the family. And as a model of all Christian families there is the holy family, that of Bethlehem, in which Jesus, just born, begins his journey in the history of humanity and that of Nazareth, where the three extraordinary, unique and unrepeatable components they will transfer and stabilize and where the rest of their lives will live. Joseph of whom we do not know much for the rest of his life near Jesus, if not in the period of his birth and then of the discovery in the temple, at the age of 12; of Mary who participates in the life of Jesus and is present in various events of the missionary and evangelising Christ, but above all of the Christ dead on the cross and buried; of Jesus who was subjected to his parents during his childhood and with them he shared the days, the work, the sufferings and the joys and then with the beginning of the public ministry on the way in Palestine to bring to everyone the joy and hope of good news, until he dies, innocent, nailed to the cross, buried, risen and ascended to heaven. A family with different stories, but all directed and centered on the history of salvation.

The family of Abraham, a model of welcoming life, even in old age, is proposed, in the passage of today's second reading, taken from the letter to the Hebrews, also as a model of faith. A family on the way, in obedience to faith in God, because Abraham leaves everything, his land and leaves for the new destination that the Lord had indicated to him. A family that welcomes life, even when this seems no longer to be accepted and transmitted for love within true and legitimate marital relations. And finally, a family that of Abraham capable of heroic and courageous gestures to the point of sacrificing, in obedience to the voice of God, the son Isaac that the sky had given him. Behind these behaviours was faith and all the families of the world asked for faith to walk in harmony with the God who revealed himself to us through Jesus Christ.

Not by chance, the Gospel of this festival is that of Luke, who tells us about the presentation in the temple of our Lord Jesus Christ, who, in all respects, adheres to the law in force in the religious and civil field: Jesus is circumcised as all the first-born males of the Israelites. The meeting of the holy family with the old Simeon, a member of the sacred rite of circumcision, is a hymn to life, joy, hope and the true future of every human being who has the opportunity to have, ideally, in his arms the 'Almighty. Exactly what happens to Simeon, once he crosses the face of the savior and redeemer, from a few days he came into the world: "Now you can leave, O Lord, let your servant go in peace, according to your word, because my eyes they have seen your salvation, prepared by you before all peoples: light to reveal you to the peoples and glory of your people, Israel ".

This happiness of the elderly priest who officiated in the temple made Joseph and Mary be amazed. In fact, the father and mother of Jesus were amazed at the things that were said about him? And this point? Simeon blessed them and Mary, his mother, said: "Behold, he is here for the fall and resurrection of many in Israel and as a sign of contradiction - and also a sword to pierce your soul - so that the thoughts of many hearts are revealed ". The suffering that characterises the life of Jesus and of the Family of Nazareth as a whole is announced here. Suffering that will touch in particular the Virgin Mother who will be pierced by a sword, clear reference to the death on the cross of Jesus.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Open Hearts and Be in Communion!!!!!!!!

Where there is a heart available always the Lord fills it with truth with its mediated and immediate, direct and indirect revelation. The methods are varied. God knows the ways in which his truth will have to reach the simple, pure, fearful, longing and thirsty hearts of truth and justice. We can say that for every heart there is a special, particular, unique way. She is a true saint and a woman with faith and expectation. Lives a life of prayer. she is spiritually nourished by fasts. She cultivates a great communion with God. She made God's house a temple. Day and night is with the Lord.  She does not want to detach from Him even for a moment.

People like these are almost an anticipation of Paradise on our earth. Paradise is perfect communion with the Lord. Communion without gaps, empty spaces, time occupied in other matters. It is a communion up there without any interruption, that is why it is eternal. Anna almost wants to eternalize her presence with the Lord, so she has chosen to live in His house for as long as possible.

She praises God for the salvation that has come to our land. Talk of the Child to those who were waiting for the redemption of Jerusalem. She can make known to all those present the truth of Jesus only through direct light of the Holy Spirit, through immediate revelation. The Holy Spirit puts the truth of Jesus on her lips and she proclaims it to those in the temple and also outside. The true prophet is always a flooded river. Wherever the hearts of truth, justice, sound and holy knowledge of God pass through fruitful.

Jesus is true man. As a true man he grows and becomes stronger. As a true man he must be filled with all wisdom and grace. This is why he needs the constant presence of God in his life. God comes and takes him with him. He assumes it. It protects him. It helps him. Fill him with himself. Jesus for his part puts his heart, his will, his spirit, his obedience in order to always be all of God, of his Father. Spiritual growth is both a gift of God and the will of man. Communion is essential so that we can grow well. Christ Jesus is the man of perfect communion with God in the power and light of the Holy Spirit. This is the error of modern society: to think that a child can grow without communion with God.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Be a Perfume of Christ and Breath the Scent of Life !!!!!!!!

 If He, Jesus Christ, has grown in us, we can still say with the Word of God that we are "the perfume of Christ". It is a suggestive expression to indicate how the Spirit of Jesus gives us inner fruits that spread, making us capable of beautiful relationships that give us mutual joy. 
The first joy is for the One who is in us and wants to grow with us. In fact, the Word says: "Let us give thanks to God, who makes us participate in his triumph in Christ and spread through us the fragrance of his knowledge in the whole world! For we are before God the perfume of Christ among those who are saved and among those who are lost "(2 Cor 2: 14-15). 

 Living as Christians capable of beautiful relationships, we can make others feel in us the "perfume of Christ", that our life already speaks for itself. If one is truly Christian, one "feels" him: he evangelizes with his mere presence. This is the the task of every ordained minister and of all those who bear the good news. The joy proposed to those who live the Gospel is not for self-complacency or self-realization that lead to indifference towards the suffering of others. Instead it is Easter joy, accompanied by suffering in observing the many situations contrary to the Gospel. By making us compassionate towards them, there is the ferment of solidarity that brings consolation even in the most dramatic situations, both personal and social.

 The great risk, which today also concerns us and our Church, is sadness: "The individualistic sadness that springs from the comfortable and miserable heart, from the sick search for superficial pleasures, from the isolated consciousness. When the interior life is closed in its own interests, there is no more room for the others, the poor no longer enter, the voice of God is no longer heard, the sweet joy of his love is no longer enjoyed, the enthusiasm of do good. Believers also run this risk, certain and permanent. Many fall into it and become resentful, discontented, lifeless people "(EG, 2).

 We, in our Baptism, become "the perfume of Christ" which then, with the other two Sacraments of the Christian Initiation, the Confirmation and the Eucharist, reaches its highest fragrance. This is the gift that precedes our every response, which is given to us free with life. Those who loved us wanted to be part of the whole gift of Jesus Christ who, with the price of his life-death-resurrection, engages us in him.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Ran.... Saw ... and believed!!!!!!!!!!!!

The message of today's Gospel announces the irresistible intervention of God within human history. Of course, the whole history of salvation speaks of God's saving interventions. But here it is a real rift that God works in the fabric of history: the linear path of history that makes living and dying is now broken: the man who is born he is no longer just a condemned man, but really a man called to life. In the first reading we see the desire and the goal: Is it to announce to you what we have seen and heard, so that you too may be in communion with us, and our communion is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ? . 

But all this has not already been communicated to us by the Gospel text? Yes, but now John wants to communicate to us what the Gospel Word has worked and given to him: life! The new life, the one that manifested itself ... the eternal life that was with the Father and that manifested itself to us? Simplifying, and trivializing, we say that John wants to communicate his experience of faith and of communion of love with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ ?.

Psalm 96 proclaims the Most High Lord, exalted in the exultation of the assembly of the elect. It gives the sense of praise to the righteous who, though afflicted, trust in the righteousness of God. We too can rejoice in the Lord, because he will do justice to our lives. In front of that empty tomb many can be feelings, like that famous rumor that lasts until today. We have the example of John, who had first come to the tomb ... He: "saw and believed!".

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Bear Witness to Christ - Feast of St. Stephen!!!!!!!!

The life of the Christian must be all filled with the Holy Spirit. At all times he must know how to recognize the will of God. What he wants from him in every particular situation and condition of his history. If the Spirit is not in abundance on the disciple of Jesus, he will never know where to take, to lead, to stabilize, to stay, to go. The Christian is he who always sees according to God. He accepts the will. It lives its every consequence. It remains in peace. It is strengthened in hope. It offers itself as a victim and holocaust of love for the fulfillment of redemption on our land.

What are the Acts of the Apostles if not the description of the life of the living Church under the powerful guidance of the Spirit of the Lord? It is the Spirit of God that moves the Church within it, to make it grow in holiness, outside it, so that it can grow with new children. If for a moment the Holy Spirit would abandon the Church, this would be in the confusion, in the confusion, in the operative, missionary chaos, of faith, of doctrine, of science, wisdom, intelligence. It would be a dead Church, because all intent on dead works that do not give life. Instead the Spirit of the Lord blows on it, and the gates of his spiritual prison open and it begins its mission in the world. 

The Christian is called to remain a Christian in every situation of his life, which will not be easy. He will be betrayed, denied, sold, scourged, hated, crucified, stoned, skinned, delivered to the beasts, bandit, inmate, abandoned. How will he remain perennially faithful to Christ in the same way that Christ was faithful to the Father? The secret is his perennial stay in the Holy Spirit, which is for him a word of defense, a fortress for overcoming every trial, certainty in the truth, food in faith, charity in the hatred of his brothers, light in the darkness that falls on of him.

The Spirit of God is the perennial life of the Christian. For this reason the Christian and the Spirit of the Lord will never be two distinct, divided, separate realities. They have to form one thing. Just as Christ Jesus is one with the father and the Holy Spirit, so the Christian must be one with Christ, and in Christ, with the Father and the Holy Spirit. It is God the perennial source of the life of the Christian and when the Christian is in God, he is in life even when he is in death, in captivity, in prisons, under the scourges, under the stones. As God is life on the cross for Lord Jesus, so life will be on every cross that the Christian is called to undergo to bear witness to Christ

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas to one and All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today in every nook and corner there are migrants and refuges that are seeking a home and loaves of bread. This Christmas Jesus is asking us with a question “Can you offer a place and a loaf for these little ones of mine?” Like the disciples were at a loss and powerless before a hungry and tired crowd, we too are perplexed with the question of Jesus but he turns to us, his chosen ones during this Christmas to do something different for the lost and hungry. We will find them in every corner of our towns and cities, helpless men, women and children. The Holy Father Pope Francis repeatedly is calling us to turn our own Christian gaze, to that uncountable number of migrants and refugees in all over the world. Those of us who have seen their condition and situation cannot describe because it is tragic. They are all looking for a home and loaf of bread, looking for a better future, try to migrate into countries who could welcome them. Many of them have lost their lives while try to cross into shipwrecks or dying out of cold and hunger. Many of them pay huge amount money to the agents in order to migrate, selling all that they have. It is now a universal question. How can we address it? What can we do during this Christmas time? The migrants and refugees are a great number and we wonder to whom shall we fix or turn our gaze? What we can do is to remove fear that is instilled in them by our indifference, pull down the walls that have been built by us to impede them to enjoy our charity and compassion. Let us not chase them back with hatred but welcome them with the Love of Jesus, which he brought down on the Christmas day. Many of us are willing and ready to do something concrete but we ask the same question of the disciples of Jesus: “Where are we to get bread enough in the desert to feed so great a crowd?”

Let us put on Jesus Christ: How do we look at the tragic events of the refugees and migrants? We need to do exactly what Jesus did by showing compassion…in short having the mind of Christ: “I have compassion on the crowd, because they have been with me now three days, and have nothing to eat; and I am unwilling to send them away hungry, lest they faint on the way.” Jesus experiences ‘compassion’; he lets himself be touched by their empty stomach, by their suffering, to the point that he calls the disciples to himself: something must be done! We think of St. Francis who let himself be touched by the suffering of the lepers and then “showed mercy” to them.

During this Christmas, in whatever part of the society we find ourselves, in whatever situation we find, let us not pretend to not see, to pass by on the other side, ignoring these unfortunate ones by indifference, let us not build walls of fear and hatred. Let us be moved by compassion by the suffering experience by these people; let us open our eyes to look at their faces, which are covered with desperation and fear. Let us be bold to show charity and compassion as our Lord Jesus did during his time. Let us not tie ourselves down with lip services and fall into temptation of indifference. As Christians, we are called to follow the Lord Jesus Christ, supported by our strong Catholic Faith, let us identify ourselves with the compassionate heart of Jesus. The Lord Jesus during this Christmas, asking us the question: “How many loaves and food you have and you waste?” How many unused vacant places we have? How many means and how much money can you make available?” Our response will not be very different from that of the disciples: “We have enough for ourselves, we have our own needs, we got to pay for our children’s education, how can I accept someone in my house where we live? But Jesus is asking us: “Have them sit down,” “Have them enter!” Sharing and compassion, Charity and love will work a miracle once again!

What can we do? The question of immigrants, homeless, hungry, thirsty will continue but our Christian commitment should not be cold and slow. The others are not doing so why should we do, others do not welcome why should we open our doors? There could be many political and religious reasons but our reason is the COMPASSION OF JESUS to welcome them.  It is our task to be close to the migrants and refugees, homeless and hungry; let us not make big announcements and declarations but let us show concrete Gospel action by welcoming them. Let us use our energies and influence to spread a mentality that is respectful of the dignity of every person, independent of religions and community. Let us encourage initiatives and program for refugees and immigrants, in order to create relationships of friendship and support. When Jesus asked the disciples how many loaves they had, he invited them to share not only the surplus, but also what seemed to be strictly necessary and indispensable for their life. The Lord is knocking with the same insistence at our door as well during this Christmas! Let us do our part and He will know how to do His. Let us read the words of Jesus: “Truly I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.” (Mt 25:40)

Let us walk toward the Nativity of the Lord; let us carry something for Baby Jesus in order to offer for these unfortunate ones. Let us do it together and together we are able to generate signs of hope, of welcome, of generosity, just as Christ has done in giving his life for us. Let us do it together in witness and love. 

Friday, December 22, 2017

God does great things in Life!!!!!!!!

At the age of 17 he began to steal from the house....he began to sell things from the house in order to buy his drugs...everyone then did not know that he was addicted to drugs...the friends who would come to his house were all in the same boat...the parents were up for a deep shock...the siblings could not believe that their model, elder brother was taking drugs...the police came knocking on the arrest him for a burglary in the town...he was involved along with the other so called friend.....this situation went on for another 17 and out of prison....the family totally destroyed....parents kept hoping....the siblings settled far away from home...did not want to be connected with a brother who was a robber and drug peddler....

The Lord does everything in His own time...he touched him in the prison through the homily of a priest....initially he felt it was just a took over....left him sleepless....began to hear strange voices...asking him to surrender....confess....ask for took almost a month....then spoke to the jailer...who helped him to speak to the priest....a long confessed lasted about three hours....the mercy and compassion of God was bestowed....miracle took place....the bad and the ugly turned to be a good and wonderful person.....a year of following and counseling....confessions...prayers....healings...good conduct in the prison....the authorities were convicted of his change and conversion....released him before the sentence....came out as a reformed person...old parents hoped and longed for him....visited them but not to stay .....had a clear mission and be a ray of hope for others....he began to walk on the streets....corners....places he used to visit...began talking to the addicts...who laughed at him....but slowly many of them listened...he carried on this for years....he said to others the God is wonderful and He does great life....surrender and see the miracles.....happening....

This Christmas.....the Lord is asking us to believe in his wonderful and great things in our remember that He means a lot for us....he loves us to transform and change our live a different call.....Jesus leads to a place where there is no sadness and sufferings but there is joy and serenity.....he gives us hope of a new and renewed life....the light shines.....dispels the darkness.....allow His to touch and transform us....

Thursday, December 21, 2017

To Judge the Decisions by results!!!!!!!!


 Many of us take a lot of decisions in our animation of fraternity, provinces, parish, schools etc...Have you ever seen the results of your decisions....many of us take the decisions and then forget about it...or have not time to see the results....most of the times the results are positive or negative...if affects the life of those for whom we take the decisions....they could affect them tremendously....could change the whole course of their lives.....many of judge the decisions by the results that occur.... 

We as leaders our members judge our performance and quality of our animation as per the results of the decisions we have taken. They tend to focus more on the positive and negative outcome of the decisions which are taken for the entire province or community or parish. The decisions are well received by the members and in the course of implementation of these decisions the collaboration all is important and required. 

sometimes the intentions of the authority and leader are very good and meant for the good of the community and individual but the results sometimes are negative and the blame goes to them. This can cause a lot of harm for the leaders and authority as it can dampen the spirit and the intentions of doing good. The favorable time or no proper execution can bring negative results and outcome. But by this we can judge the credibility of the leader, we need to give time to them in order to explain the intentions. Sometimes the process in which the intention was executed might have been wrong and the environment was not ready for it. It is good not to blame the leaders and the others who collaborate with them for the negative outcome and results because always there could be a good intention. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Prayer for the General Minister!!!!!!!

This morning here in Swiss our beloved General Minister will undergo a hip surgery. He had been struggling for sometimes now. Due to lack of time and many engagements he could not undertake this very important surgery. He has left for Swiss on 17th December in the afternoon. Today let us all pray for the success of this surgery. Here in Curia we have already began invoking and storming heavens for him. The Vicar General has requested our fraternity to keep Br. General in thought and prayer.

Win or Lose, Don't write yourself off!!!!!

It is part of our Human life to win or lose. At one stage of our human existence we do win or lose and that is how life treats us. There is no one who has not won or failed. Great men and women who rose to the centre stage of world politics, cinema, art, drama or religious sphere had to face win or loss. But have you heard anytime that these great men and women ever gave up? Never they just went on performing and living the life as it came.They fought the battle and won after many failures. But writing off ourselves is no way to embrace life. Life is a battle ground and we got to be there till be taste victory. The moment you run off it means you are giving up or allowing yourself to lose the battle. Use all the energies that you have received.

The universe is an arena where we have so many people who lived through hard days and left stories of valor and success, stories sheer confidence and faith in them. The stories of their hope and faith in destiny and situations, they never gave up…they looked directly into the eyes and faces of the problems. We know their stories because they struggled and fought the battle, had they to give up we would not read about them in our history books, no one would have made a film or written a novel about them if they were to run off. They achieved great success because they had a goal and aim in life. They shaped their destiny and of others through their hard fight. They had to make different choices at moment of their life. The dreams they had never let them sleep off…..the dreams kept challenging them…kept them moving and going beyond the horizon…..

All of us at one stage of our life have to face challenges and difficult times and moments. We see these days so many of them losing jobs, losing dear ones due to accidents or disease, but they don’t give up living….carry on…go on in life…they look at the condition and plight of the others who have bigger losses and problems….crosses whether big or small we have to carry them to our destinations. We have the power, ability, strength and confidence, with these instruments we can fight the fight….let us not destroy ourselves with negativity…build up the future…every mistake and failure is a learning step….we all go through…continue to move forward looking at the goal…hoping against hope…desire success and win….Politicians, sportsmen, artists…business people etc…all hope ….they love staring into the eyes of situation and problems, difficulties and sickness,,,,,we shall overcome….in disability see ability…in brokenness see openness…in loss see win…in blocks see rocks of success…