Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Second Morning session- group discussion and sharing!!!!!!!!!

The four groups went in to discuss three questions given by Jaime......
 How would you value your formative process according to the diversity of the cultures? what would you propose to make it better in a practical way?
 How can we improve our way to comprehend in a Franciscan manner the reality and so to make our Franciscan capuchin identity more significant?

 What is your proposal to establish a more fair system at the time of organizing our academic studies

Ratio Studiorum by Br. Jaime Rey

Where there is charity and wisdom, And there is neither fear nor ignorance.
1. Initial Observations:

  • tension between forma vitae e forma mentis
  • tension between intellectuality and wisdom
  • challenge to integrate the studies into the formation stages.

  • 2. Paradigmatic changes in the context of the studies
  • over coming the western paradigm
  • individualism, competitive thinking
  • possessiveness (reality becomes an object)
  • functionality: immediate utility. what is it for?
  • Ideologism: the primacy of Ideas on reality
  • Uniformity: trends towards fashions
  • Immanentism: disregarding God
  • The proposal of the Franciscan principles: communitarian, relational, intuitive, affective, experiential
  • The Bologna process:
  • The protagonist is the subject of the learning activity and the student
  • traditional system was based on content but today in acquiring competence
  • personalization and accompaniment
  • evaluation system: capacity, skills and values
  • the scope is to be more creative and innovative
Frome Christian wisdom to the apostolic constitution veritatis Gaudium 2018
  • contemplation and introduction to the spirituality and intelligence of the Gospel
  • dialogue, culture of the encounter. communitarian experience of joy in truth
  • inter and transdiciplinarity with creativity and wisdom
  • create connections and research centers to promote the study

4th Day Morning Eucharist........

 On Wednesday after supper each conference members came together to share and discuss concerns of formation in the conference.
 Everyday in the afternoon before we begin the session we have some physical exercises to keep us alert and attentive during the session...

 This Morning Eucharist celebration was celebrated by Br. Joseph from Papua New Guinea ......

 In the Gospel reading the rich man who ends up in the fires of hell worries that his brothers may suffer the same fate. Abraham tells him, "If they will not listen to Moses and the prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the grave."

Do we share the worries of the rich man, for ourselves and those we know? In the end it will be our choice to listen to God or to continue living as the rich man did. Am I one who trust in my own talents or in the loving God? How aware and concerned am I of those in need whom I could help?

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Br. Charles Alphonso presenting emotional and sexual maturity

Today the need is of maturity is need of the hour.....Mature relationships lead to a good fraternal life
 Emotions are part of our being human
Charles presenting a power point.....on the theme

Third Day - Morning Eucharist and Prayer

 The third day morning prayer and Eucharist was led by ASMEN.....
 The Camilian center is on the Bank of River,,,,,,,there is water flowing always.....

 The group photo in the Convention Hall......the Back drop.....
Friars from ASMEN celebrating the Eucharist....

 The Buddhist vibrations are felt all around....

 yesterday we went around for a walk...

Monday, February 26, 2018

Group Sharing secretaries

The four group secretaries shared their discussion on the three questions regarding Capuchin charism and culture....

Second Day Morning Session

This morning we began our session by listening to a scripture reading followed by a short reflection by Br. Tony.........followed by the video message from the General Minister Mauro.....on the theme of Culture......three questions were given for the discussion in the group....the participants were divided in 4 groups
 The friars in a happy mood to discuss the questions with a smile....

 Jaime and Charles.....gel together a relax mood as the meeting is going on well
 The PACC group.....discussion guided by Walter
 ASMEN group.....small but strong in the making
 A video message of the general ministry
 Friars listening with attention to the message of General minister

 CCMSI group.....