Thursday, February 15, 2018

Lent helps us to be build up Communion with the Lord.......

Lent is time for prayer, fasting, doing good acts and to be charitable. It is a time self-examination, and repentance prepares us for the celebration of Easter and our heart’s deepest desire: an encounter with the risen Lord. 

 During the lenten season the deepest desire is to have communion with the Lord and to see Him in our day today actions and life.  Lent satisfies all our spiritual desires if we follow all the commandants of the Lord....the Lord makes himself visible to have communion with Him. 
 The good news is that Christ does have a habit of showing up in the lives of his people, sometimes in unexpected ways. To Saul, he came in laser-bright intensity on his murderous march to Damascus. To Mary Magdalene, he came whispering her name in her frenzied search at the garden tomb. And to two confused and crestfallen disciples, he pulled alongside them as they traveled a dusty road in Judea.

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