Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Ratio Studiorum by Br. Jaime Rey

Where there is charity and wisdom, And there is neither fear nor ignorance.
1. Initial Observations:

  • tension between forma vitae e forma mentis
  • tension between intellectuality and wisdom
  • challenge to integrate the studies into the formation stages.

  • 2. Paradigmatic changes in the context of the studies
  • over coming the western paradigm
  • individualism, competitive thinking
  • possessiveness (reality becomes an object)
  • functionality: immediate utility. what is it for?
  • Ideologism: the primacy of Ideas on reality
  • Uniformity: trends towards fashions
  • Immanentism: disregarding God
  • The proposal of the Franciscan principles: communitarian, relational, intuitive, affective, experiential
  • The Bologna process:
  • The protagonist is the subject of the learning activity and the student
  • traditional system was based on content but today in acquiring competence
  • personalization and accompaniment
  • evaluation system: capacity, skills and values
  • the scope is to be more creative and innovative
Frome Christian wisdom to the apostolic constitution veritatis Gaudium 2018
  • contemplation and introduction to the spirituality and intelligence of the Gospel
  • dialogue, culture of the encounter. communitarian experience of joy in truth
  • inter and transdiciplinarity with creativity and wisdom
  • create connections and research centers to promote the study

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