Sunday, February 24, 2013

Last Angelus of the Holy Father

It will be a last Angelus of the Holy Father Benedict. It is estimated that a huge number of faithful are expected to gather in St. Peter's square inspite of rain god being active and the General elections in Italy. The  faithful will gather to bid a farewell to a Pope who is loved and admired by everyone here. His popularity has gone up and it will remain. The Church will miss his solid and deep Theological reflections and homilies. On 27th he will appear for the last time for the public audience in the presence of the college of Cardinals. Again on 27th a big crowd is expected. A Lot of preparations going on for this huge event. Let us pray earnestly to the Holy Spirit for the good health of Pope Benedict and storm heavens for the gift of a new Leader to head our Holy Catholic Church. May the new Pope be granted by the Almighty God, the simplicity of Pope John Paul II and wisdom of Pope Benedict.


Yesterday Br. Charles Alphonso from the province of South Tamil Nadu joined the Curia Fraternity as the General Secretary for the International Formation Council. He was the provincial of the united province of Tamil Nadu for two terms. He has licentiate in Moral Theology and a degree in Counselling. He has been active in the formation in his province. He was the president of AFFI, association of Franciscan Families in India for three years term and as Secretary of the CCMSI. He is a well known preacher and teacher in India. We welcome him to Curia and wish him all the very best and success in his new role as a secretary for the International formation. Welcome Brother!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ash Wenesday Celebration

The day began with the morning prayers prayed together in the Chapel of the Curia. At 10am the community gathered to pray the Psalms of the afternoon. Br, Mimo, a student in the college who is studying Sacred Liturgy preached a recollection to Curia community. He explained the importance of the Lent season, how one can experience the love and mercy of God during this season of lent. He quoted many fathers of the church while explaining how to search for God who is the first one who searches us. He said the Orthodox Church has one sunday dedicated in the Lenten season as "Sunday of Desire" quoting Zacchus who desired and longed for the Lord in his life.
In the evening the community joined the College for the Eucharistic celebration which was presided by the Rector of the College who preached about the significance of the Ashes in human life.
Now we are all praying and awaiting for the good news of  a New Pope before Easter. Let us storm heavens for a leader who will follow the path of Jesus and also continue the good work of Pope Benedict.

Silver Jubilee Celebration of Vijnanilayam, Elluru

The Capuchin Friars of Andhra- Orissa had a reason to celebrate 25 years of Vijananilayam institute of Philosophy and Theology. The reasons are many but among them the evangelisation carried out by the Institute was highlighted and remembered. The friars invited the Indian friars of the College, ex-students and professors of the institute to the thank the Lord. On 9th Feb. 2013, Saturday at 10.30 am a holy Eucharist was celebrated by Br. Michael Fernandes. After the Mass the ex-students and professors met together to share their experiences of their stay in the institute. The celebrant invited the Indian friars who studying in Rome to teach in the Institute not only as visiting professors but resident and make Vijananilayam an International institute of Philosophy and Theology. After the Eucharistic celebration the the friars were invited for agape which was prepared by the friars themselves. It was a memorable day indeed. God bless Vijananilaym and the friars who came from St. Joseph Province and the actual friars of Maymatha Province.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

CCMSI Meeting

From 4-5th of Feb. CCMSI conference members gathered together in Lucknow, the Province of St. Fidelis, North India. All the members arrived well in time to begin the meeting on 4th evening. I animated the first session and communicated some decisions of the General Curia. It was a lively and fraternal discussion. The next day we continued with the agenda which was well prepared by the President and secretary. All participated in the discussion. We also decided the dates of the Provincial chapter of 8 provinces for the next year soon after Easter 2014. 
The Provincial and his team did a wonderful job of arranging our meeting. The hospitality was simply Capuchin and each one felt at home. The President Br. Raphy thanked the host province and the community which provided everything to make our stay more comfortable.

Extraordinary Chapter of Andhra Pradesh

After two weeks of General Definitory meeting I left on 18th January for India. It was hectic but wonderful experience.
I was invited by the Province of Mary Matha, Andhra Pradesh to animate their extraordinary Provincial Chapter which began on 21st and ended on 25th January. For me it was a moment to know the brothers and interact with them during these days of the chapter. The chapter was well prepared and organised by the Provincial Minister and the definitory. Mary Matha is an young province with many young friars. The province is blessed with many good  vocations from Andhra and Orissa. The brothers wholeheartedly participated in the deliberations and discussions. Before the brothers could go in for group discussions i gave a talk on various themes like fraternal, prayer life and transparency. Br. Nicholas, Provincial Minister of America was present and he too guided the brothers.