Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Extraordinary Chapter of Andhra Pradesh

After two weeks of General Definitory meeting I left on 18th January for India. It was hectic but wonderful experience.
I was invited by the Province of Mary Matha, Andhra Pradesh to animate their extraordinary Provincial Chapter which began on 21st and ended on 25th January. For me it was a moment to know the brothers and interact with them during these days of the chapter. The chapter was well prepared and organised by the Provincial Minister and the definitory. Mary Matha is an young province with many young friars. The province is blessed with many good  vocations from Andhra and Orissa. The brothers wholeheartedly participated in the deliberations and discussions. Before the brothers could go in for group discussions i gave a talk on various themes like fraternal, prayer life and transparency. Br. Nicholas, Provincial Minister of America was present and he too guided the brothers. 
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