Sunday, February 24, 2013

Last Angelus of the Holy Father

It will be a last Angelus of the Holy Father Benedict. It is estimated that a huge number of faithful are expected to gather in St. Peter's square inspite of rain god being active and the General elections in Italy. The  faithful will gather to bid a farewell to a Pope who is loved and admired by everyone here. His popularity has gone up and it will remain. The Church will miss his solid and deep Theological reflections and homilies. On 27th he will appear for the last time for the public audience in the presence of the college of Cardinals. Again on 27th a big crowd is expected. A Lot of preparations going on for this huge event. Let us pray earnestly to the Holy Spirit for the good health of Pope Benedict and storm heavens for the gift of a new Leader to head our Holy Catholic Church. May the new Pope be granted by the Almighty God, the simplicity of Pope John Paul II and wisdom of Pope Benedict.
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