Thursday, February 14, 2013

Silver Jubilee Celebration of Vijnanilayam, Elluru

The Capuchin Friars of Andhra- Orissa had a reason to celebrate 25 years of Vijananilayam institute of Philosophy and Theology. The reasons are many but among them the evangelisation carried out by the Institute was highlighted and remembered. The friars invited the Indian friars of the College, ex-students and professors of the institute to the thank the Lord. On 9th Feb. 2013, Saturday at 10.30 am a holy Eucharist was celebrated by Br. Michael Fernandes. After the Mass the ex-students and professors met together to share their experiences of their stay in the institute. The celebrant invited the Indian friars who studying in Rome to teach in the Institute not only as visiting professors but resident and make Vijananilayam an International institute of Philosophy and Theology. After the Eucharistic celebration the the friars were invited for agape which was prepared by the friars themselves. It was a memorable day indeed. God bless Vijananilaym and the friars who came from St. Joseph Province and the actual friars of Maymatha Province.

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