Thursday, January 30, 2014

Br. Erivan leaves for Brazil

Our archivist leaves for his well deserved vacations. He left this morning for Brazil for one month. He has been preparing for this vacations since a long. He has been expressing with many friars his plans and programs during the vacations. He said that it is a joy to be with my family and spend valuable time with them. It is a moment to recharge myself spending a quality of time with my family. 
He is our archivist in the Curia who is faithful to his job. He is punctual and prompt in carrying out his responsibilities. He is also a poet and singer. He has some CD's to his credit and during vacation he is going to register some songs. He writes poem on the occassion of birthdays and feast days of the friars in Curia. He loves doing it with passion and fraternal love.
We wish him good rest and good time with family and friars. Safe journey too!
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